If you are curious, here are some stats from's last 24 hours (typical weekday). Note that we have over 300 local users and over 1,000 remote followers).

Traffic from users:

65% US
15% South Africa
12% Germany
5% France
3% Canada

Attacks (over 400) from:

56% Singapore
19% via TOR (hidden)
18% Russia
7% China

HTTP versions:

53% HTTP/1.1
36% HTTP/2
11% HTTP/3

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When you state "Attacks," is that virus related or hacks? I ask because I had a very private email related to my Christian website and I often received emails stating "Here's my resume." The attached file always had devil or evil in the filename. Who sends resumes with those words? I never opened them but evil really does troll the internet.

@christine These are attempts from hackers to gain control of the server for their own purposes such as sending spam or extortion. They usually don't even know or care what the server does. It's extremely common.

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