The president aggressively works against Church teaching (and natural law) on abortion, sex and gender. He champions laws against conscience protections and religious liberty. In practice, he is far from Catholic and possibly in a state of mortal sin (God determines that). He compounds his sin by receiving the Eucharist and the scandal he causes in calling himself a "devout" Catholic.

Pro tip: supposedly Catholic politicians mean "not" when they refer to themselves as "devout".

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@George the Pope should probably stop claiming to be devout and orthodox, too.

@George He IS in mortal sin. The Church clearly lays out what they are. The obvious one is that Biden is pro-choice. He along with so many others are SO blind to their sinful habits, that they don’t see them as sins at all. They’ve even taken them so far, it no longer seems necessary to conceal them. People have parades and wave flags in honor of their sins. They are all going to hell if they don’t work out their salvation with God.

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"I believe and profess all that the Catholic Church believes, teaches and proclaims to be revealed by God."

Catholics are those who profess this and act accordingly. There are no exceptions for negligently formed consciences, personal preferences, high office, clerical state or anything else.

Believing or acting contrary to what the Church infallibly teaches (which can never and will never change) is a form of schism with the Church and its head, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are united with His earthly head, the Pope, but recognize levels of magisterial teaching and fallible (sometimes extremely so) nature of his fallible prudential judgement.

Some popes are known as "Great" and some are known Saints. Most are neither and some were truly horrible. The Church survives regardless, leading the faithful to Christ and making new saints every day.

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