Do you use Google Chrome? You may wish to rethink that.

Google, being Google, is launching a broad new effort () to track you, the websites you visit, the places you shop, your likes/dislikes, and much more. Naturally they obfuscate this but the bottom line is this particularly invasive technology requires your browser to participate. Only Google Chrome does so. Most other browser vendors are appalled.

This is NOT opt-in. You need to jump through obscure hoops to avoid it, or simply avoid Google Chrome (and ideally everything Google) like the plague. has already blocked this tracking, even if you use Chrome (but please don't).

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@George Good to know. I have yet to use Chrome. I'm still using firefox.

@George Thank you for blocking this. I don't use chrome on my personal computer, but it's on my work computer. Unfortunately, Google is still going to be with us all for a long while even as people adapt.

@George Vivaldi is a solid Chromium based browser that won’t participate in this

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