A theory: the anti-Christ is (probably) not among us, but his prophets are.

They are the opposite of God's prophets, and somewhat obvious if you think about it. Consider God's prophets:

- served God
- glorified God
- revealed truth
- suffered
- made straight the path leading to Him
- loved the true God

In contrast, prophets of the anti-Christ:

- serve themselves
- seek their own glory
- sow division and confusion
- benefit personally
- obscure the road to salvation
- despise the true God

These prophets are unwittingly commissioned by Satan. They are political, business, cultural and religious leaders. They love the world above all else and believe they can make it like heaven. In all that they do, the ends justify whatever means are necessary.

There will be more and more of these false prophets. The pressure to travel their wide road will be immense. The penalty for non-compliance will be increasingly brutal.

If you are baptized, you are a prophet of the Lord and called to be His disciple. You can serve or reject that commission. You must choose.

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