Apparently a "transgender" woman (posing as a man) was unknowingly accepted by a seminary. Her true biological gender was subsequently discovered and the situation addressed.

The article does not note what would happen if a woman successfully hid her gender and was "ordained". The answer is nothing. She would not be laicized as, despite what she might believe, she was never actually ordained since the Church lacks the authority to ordain women.

The Sacrament of Holy Orders requires a baptized male as the "matter" of the sacrament. Since a woman (regardless of what she "identifies" as) would not meet that requirement, the sacrament would be invalid. She would not have been ordained, she would not have received holy orders, she would be ontologically unchanged and would not be a priest or deacon. If somehow this charade remained concealed, wherever she presided as the priest minister of a sacrament would also be invalid (except for baptisms, which would be illicit but valid).

It would be the same if a renegade bishop decided to knowingly "ordain" a woman. It would be scandalous, but ineffective. The same thing applies if a married man "marries" a second woman, or a baptized person receives another baptism.

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