Anti-Catholicism in political circles is now nuanced on a per-person basis. Decades of "catholic" politicians have proven that Catholicism can be claimed as an identity without interfering whatsoever with political priorities. "Cultural catholicism" (not actual Catholicism) is eased by poor formation, lack of interest and often buoyed by bishops and priests who support the political agenda (don't look to these shepherds to address the cancer of this public scandal).

These bad Catholics, who will oppose the Church with all their heart, and with all their soul, and with all their mind, are politically considered the "good catholics". The faithful Catholics are the hated ones, as prophesied long ago by Isaiah (5:20).

We have reached the point where the most active, determined, relentless anti-Catholics are politicians who call themselves "devout Catholics" (Biden, Pelosi).

This is no deep insight on my part. Everyone knows this (or at least those who actually obey the first commandment).

Crisis has an interesting article on the topic this morning.

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@George I do not know which upsets me more: " I am personally opposed to abortion but..." or I am not going to politicize the Eucharist". Both are deeply evil....

@Domscribe48 Agreed. Infuriating for many reasons. Some are just flat lying. Some believe there is an ultimate good for which the ends justify the means. Some have fashioned an alternate reality where killing human beings and profaning the Eucharist is ok. They all are placing their politics ahead of God and if they don't repent, it won't end well for them.

@George @Domscribe48 if you believe life begins at conception there is no possible way you could actually believe abortion should ne legal based on "personal" belief. Its just a lie to maintain votes.
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