Prayer and mental health apps have been found to be highly privacy invasive, including apps like: Hallow, Abide, and KJB Daily Verse.

Pro Tip: you don't need an app to pray

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@George I suggest that, if you're using Android, install F-Droid; use open source, which is much more respectful of privacy.

I would advise against using Apple products in general.

I use F-Droid for some things, but also Shelter. It was time-consuming to setup, but I keep many occasional or questionable apps in the Android work profile in a "frozen" state. They come to life only when I need them, and even then are (mostly) isolated from the normal environment.

All of this reduces the problem, but isn't a fix.

@George I've been very happy with Universalis ( and they have a very transparent privacy policy. Unfortunately, you do have to pay attention to these things...

@pjfasano I also use Universalis and consider them safe, as currently offered.

If they were to change leadership or be merged with something else, that would immediately change.

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