Stage IV breast cancer... and pregnant. Doctors quickly advise aborting the baby if there is to be any hope at all. Many pro-life states make exceptions "for the life of the mother".

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@George Saint Gianna Beretta and Servant of God Chiara Corbella, pray for us!
I spent last three days writing on Instagram to a lot of people supporting abortion against an italian pro-life page, what a sadness seeing many people ignoring the meaning of human life... 🙄

It is exasperating -- not just for their involvement in, or support of, this intrinsic evil... but also for their prideful rejection of God.

There are some, including nominally Christian denominations (and nominal Catholics), who would argue this but they are deluding themselves. Accepting God only on their own terms is not accepting Him at all. They are (at least currently) of the world. We can only pray that these prodigal sons soon return to the Lord.

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