Disney is evil.

A new animated show titled “Little Demon” has Disney facing yet another round of fury from parents. One Million Moms, a national coalition of mothers, has launched a petition urging Disney to cancel the series. “The trailer is filled with satanic imagery, animated gore, and graphic violence, such as beheaded chickens, pentagrams, dismembered bodies, and melting human flesh,” the petition explains. “Rather than being represented as dangerous, demonic, and terrifying, Satan is depicted as an average, middle-aged, cardigan-wearing suburban dad.”

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@George but hey, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the degenerates or jews in the entertainment business ar all....
@George Imagine being a member of a group that can't control their kids.

Lol just don't let them watch the stupid show. How are is that?

Actually, I agree with you The point I was making is that parents should be aware of what Disney is today. This particular show is just 1 example.

@George Right because Disney wasn't always a soulless corporation that targets kids to make gobs of money.

Behind the corporation are people, driving it, making decisions, holding their own values, earning a living to support their families.

Too many of those people, as well as the company leadership, are now using the tentacles of their platform to groom children to an anti-Christian, woke agenda. This is a 180-degree change from where they started.

Parents need to be aware and understand this. The Disney of old that every one loved is gone. The beast that is the new Disney should not be fed in any of its operations.

@George The added bonus is that the Main Character is literally the Antichrist. Her mum got knocked up by Satan (voiced by Danny Devito) at a ritual and they refer to her as such.

Furthermore she is also Jewish

>“Laura and her daughter Chrissy are Jewish, something the writers plan to flesh out more in the first season. “We did make Laura Jewish for a reason,” says Fowler.”
@Aether @George I saw the advertisement for this the other day. I was not impressed.
@Aether @George @George > The added bonus is that the Main Character is literally the Antichrist.

>“Laura and her daughter Chrissy are Jewish"

lol lmao 🤣
What’s moronic here is the action being taken is a petition to have Disney drop the show. How about never watching anything that cesspool company produces ever again? Until people wake up to reality, I don’t really care. There’s no fixing stupid.
@lordfroy @George its kinda sad how these people thing a petition will stop Jews / satanists from trying to defile their children. Nothing good comes out of the talmudvision.
They’re so insulated from reality it’s laughable. We can’t vote harder to fix this. Petitions solve nothing. Over 50% of America thinks it lives in Mayberry. The mass psychosis is real.

I agree completely.

FWIW I didn't intend for folks to join the petition, just to be aware of Disney's latest outrage if they are on the fence about supporting them.

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