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Attack on Pearl Harbor press conference...

Once upon a time, the mainstream news media did their best to provide objective information to inform our citizens. They were patriotic, respectful of our president and at least tried to be as non-partisan as possible.

No more. At this point, I don't think they even pretend to be anything but partisan operatives. Truth has little standing.

If today's "news reporters" were transported back in time, say to December 7, 1941 these might be their questions of the president:

Deaths from the Chinese coronavirus -- IN CHINA -- estimate the official numbers may be understated by up to 40x from reality (by many indicators from cell phones cancelled to cremation urn orders). FYI.

Having been in operation for 2,000 years since Christ founded it, the Catholic Church has very rich traditions. Part of our liturgy includes the glorious song chanted by angels: Alleluia -- except during lent.

There are many customs related to the start and end of Alleluia's deposition, generally known as "burying the Alleluia". These serve to remind us of the season we are entering and the great joy to follow.

I am thinking about the Devil, the divider, this morning.

Hate is his currency and he triggers the weak with seething rage to the point of derangement. He uses those who pridefully consider themselves "devout" to call good evil and evil good, to bring forth false witnesses, to accuse the innocent of flimsy "crimes", to offer the world a "show trial" and to unjustly persecute to the limits of their power.

Yes, that was the passion of our Lord. By His suffering the light of the world shone and the willing granted eternal life. In the end, the Devil loses... but not yet. For now, evil still runs this same old playbook.

Did you realize, in your entire life your heart will beat a specific number of times then stop.

You are spending your heartbeats now. Soon enough your finite but unknown supply will be fully depleted, you will be gone. Will you have spent them wisely?

It's so simple. He is always with us. Be always with him, through all your actions, in your sufferings, when your body is broken, remain under his gaze, see him present, living in your soul.
-- St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

When the "reformers" split from the Church Christ directly founded setting the Apostles and their successors as its leaders and giving them His full oral tradition, there was a problem.

Obviously THAT Church could no longer be authoritative for those who left it. So by necessity, they made the very UN-biblical claim that the Bible alone was their only rule of faith. (Ironic as neither Christ nor the Bible make such an assertion and given that the Bible itself is the fruit of Catholic Sacred Tradition.)

This led to the Protestant polemic asking "where is that in the Bible"? Most of the time, that question (based in an invalid supposition as it is), CAN be answered if not with direct citations, then indirect ones.

Tonight is Halloween, a secular holiday to celebrate monsters and ghouls -- such as those who kill innocent unborn children in their mothers' wombs then traffic in their body parts.

You are going to die in a few decades -- or possibly quite soon.

What preparation do you hold dearest?

1. life insurance
2. bucket list
3. God's friendship

"No Catholic could subscribe even to moderate socialism." (Pope St. John XXIII)

CCC 2425: The Church has rejected the totalitarian and atheistic ideologies associated in modem times with "communism" or "socialism." ...

What popes have said about socialism:

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