BLM (a pro-communist, not anti-racism organization) should be in the news, but the tech oligarchs are blocking the "unfavorable" story.

Their co-founder has spent over $3,000,000 on personal homes. Promoting communism is lucrative.

The big story is the censorship of this one. not only blocks your public posts if you link to the NY Post article, they also censor even your *private* messages.

ColdFusion has an interesting video this morning on the founding of . To summarize - low moral values from its inception.

The video unfortunately does not cover their evolution into "censor of public thought". , like , , and in general now and shape public discourse at such a level that they are second only to China. Most people do not realize this or the serious public harm they cause.

Video on Google censorship includes use of "f-word". 

In terms of crushing speech not in compliance with their politics, may be gaining on and . I for one, have been working hard to de-Google.

Here is a piece that looks at . As a viewer, you may not be aware just how heavy-handed they have become. If you must view YouTube, know that you are receiving a relentlessly curated, one-sided, heavily slanted content stream.

[Warning: some unfortunate use of the "f-word".]

Psychologist and academic Dr. Jordan Peterson announced a new alternative to and called . Beta testing is currently in progress.

Unlike those platforms that now heavily censor content contrary to leftist political positions (e.g. pro-life, traditional marriage, etc.) -- ThinkSpot will allow free speech / free thought. Content moderation will be in the hands of each user, not decided for them against their wishes.

I hope all efforts like this succeed. Google, Facebook and Twitter (among others) are now aggressively suppressing speech contrary to their politics. We have finally reached 1984 but the "Ministry of Truth" is ran (for the most part) outside of government.

I've talked about the manipulations of and , but be forewarned of too. They once had the motto "don't be evil" (which appropriately, they have dropped).

Previously I used Google Chrome and their search engine. Now I use Vivaldi and Duck Duck Go. One small example of why you should distrust them is the infamous Gillette white male bashing virtue signaling ad. Google has a hidden hand in this, to wit (despite the inappropriate thumbnail below, there is no cursing in the piece):

, , seem so disingenuous to me. They use filters, and account deletions we did not ask for to "protect us". We need their protection apparently because we are too dumb when left on our own. Notice how they do NOT give us any option to opt-out of their heavy-handed censorship programs.

If they respected us, they would make their cultural censoring an option that people could opt-in to (if actually wanted). That would provide transparency and honesty.

and are on a tear, and outright removal of voices they disagree with. PRAGER U is the latest victim. This classy organization produces high-quality videos on topics very compatible with faithful Christian and Jewish perspectives. Always well reasoned and respectful. They are now suffering a classless shadowban on Facebook (NONE of their 3 MILLION followers saw Prager's last 9 posts).

Friends, the likes of us are not welcome there. — a friendly social networking space for those with an interest in Catholicism.