What graphics free software you use the most? Please help me share.

#freesoftware #opensource

Hello friends who are involved in this toot at the moment, below is my desktop with free design software. It is @ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa when I wrote this toot. How are yours? Let me see.

(it is used on my latest article Ubuntu Graphic Design Suite ubuntubuzz.com/2020/06/complet)

@JoshuaRystedt @gamayun @TaigaTiger @matt @veer66 @aeonofdiscord @squeakypancakes @bub @minx @Alonealastalovedalongthe @celesteh @abloo @lucy @rick_777 @anne @hj @mgrondin @redstarfish @michel_slm @gianf


@JoshuaRystedt oooh, so this is Pop_os!... Thanks for sharing, Joshua. And I like your KDE.

@ademalsasa Well Pop_os! is Gnome based but I installed KDE an alt environment to try out. Then liked it enough to keep it around as my daily driver.

@JoshuaRystedt @anne @minx @rick_777 @abloo @ademalsasa @michel_slm @gianf @aeonofdiscord @bub @TaigaTiger @matt @celesteh @gamayun @veer66 @hj @mgrondin @redstarfish @squeakypancakes @Alonealastalovedalongthe @ubuntu pop os is an ubuntu distro which is a debian distro, I know. I just asked because I wasn't sure and I don't think it makes sense to say you use ubuntu if you use pop os. like you wouldn't say you use debian if it's ubuntu. nevermind, I was just confused.

@lucy well this isn’t really true Pop_OS! Pop 19.10 is just vanilla Ubuntu Gnome with some baked in extensions and less bloat. I’m running a custom KDE install so literally none of the unique Pop code is actually being used here. The effect would be the same if I took vanilla Ubuntu and installed KDE.
I just haven’t bothered to modify what neofetch pulls.

@lucy what I should be doing is building my own system through Arch but this laptop shipped with Pop_OS! and my current setup has just kind of evolved to what it is today 😂

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