This Wednesday my wife and I are being interviewed for the next season of Catholics Come Home on EWTN.

What do YOU want to know about our journey to Catholicism?

1. What led to you deciding to become Catholic?
2. Did you and your wife jointly come to this decision (i.e. at the same time for the same reasons) or were you both headed in the same direction but on different tracks?
3. Were you concerned how others (friends, family, prior church acquaintances, etc.) would react?
4. What were your biggest obstacles?

@George such good questions George. Since this won’t air for a while I can answer some now.

A variety of things led to us becoming Catholic including my family history, love for Church history, reading too many old books, desiring both intellectual rigor and mysticism, and the consistency of the Church on sexual issues

@George yes, we came to the decision together but until we married we were on parallel journeys. It was like we were two pilgrims who happened across one another and decided to keep going hand in hand (but the decision still took years to reach as a couple)

@George generally we were not concerned about how others reacted. We knew where the Church was to be found and we had to become a part of her. But we did approach certain individual relationships with care

@George biggest obstacles: not finding someone to watch the children during RCIA 😂

God really opened the door wide for this opportunity. He really broke down the obstacles over years prior to making the decision.

@JoshuaRystedt @George What old books were your favorites? Also, what were you before being Catholic?

@Columbkille @George the epistles of saint Ignatius of Antioch and sermons of Saint John Chrysostom were hugely influential.

@Columbkille @George I was baptized Catholic as an infant but raised Baptist. Went to an Evangelical Bible college and served as an Evangelical youth pastor for five years. Had a stint in Confessional Lutheranism after becoming convinced of the efficacy of Baptism where I continued education at Concordia.

My wife grew up Confessional Lutheran, joined me at the Evangelical church, and then went went back to Lutheranism together before finally becoming Catholic.

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