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Day 106: O Jesus, You who were so humiliated for us, teach me how to practice true humility.

Day 103: O Lord, cast a ray of light on my soul, so that I may be able to see myself as You see me and as You judge me.

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My request as a Muslim & fellow human:

The New Zealand terrorists live streamed their terrorist attack with specific hopes you watch it & share it.

Do Not Give Them A Platform.

Suffocate their hate. Suffocate their hate. Suffocate their hate.

Thank you.😓



"Every kind of imperfection in fact always comes from a want of effort, energy, and fervor in the spiritual life. It is always selfishness which, in one way or another, takes something away from God to satisfy the ego. We are too calculating, afraid of giving too much, and so selfishness clips our wings and keeps us from reaching full union with God."

Day 102: O my God, make me understand how necessary it is for the soul to be pure in order to be united to You who are infinite Perfection!

"Always be fearful if you do not feel sorry for the faults you commit, for even venial sin ought to fill you with sorrow to the very depths of your soul.... For the love of God, take care not to commit any deliberate venial sin, even the smallest.... And can anything be small if it offends God?" - St. Teresa of Jesus

"Help me to share, as you did, the perfect obedience of Jesus, who came not to do His Will, but the Will of His Father; to trust in the Providence of God, knowing that if I do His Will, He will provide for all my needs of soul and body; to be calm in my trials and to leave it to our Lord to free me from them when it pleases Him to do so."

That's from the St. Joseph novena I'm following, and honestly there's no reason I shouldn't pray that every single day.

Day 101: O Lord, inflame me with Your holy zeal, so that I will no longer be able to tolerate in myself the slightest thing which is displeasing to You.

So far, out of my readings of late, this is what I keep coming back to:

"And so our soul is better in thirst, than in being satisfied by the illusions of false consolation." - Fr. Christopher Pietraszko

Day 100: O Jesus Crucified, give me the grace to understand the great malice of sin.

Today's head-bashing link:

"All the insult and injury we do in sinning is to ourselves alone, not to God. We speak of God forgiving us because he comes to us to save us from ourselves, to restore us after we have injured ourselves, to redeem and re-create us." - Fr. Herbert McCabe

St. Joseph doesn't mess around. Since starting his novena I've been hit over the head every single day.

Day 99: O Lord, You have created me for Yourself; grant that, with all my strength, I may tend toward You, my last end.

I've been praying mostly for wisdom to know what to do about an odd situation that's causing me a lot of emotional anguish, and then today I get slapped in the face with these:

Novenas so far this year: St. Margaret of Antioch, St. Thomas Aquinas, Our Lady Undoer of Knots, and St. Joseph (just started yesterday). Those are the ones I remember, anyway.

Yes, I'm in a bit of a crisis right now, but I've promised not to make any rash decisions, and so I'm going to spend a few months rallying all the help I can get, in the form of chaining together ALL the novenas.

I haven't been posting here much because of some personal stuff going on.

No one has died and no one is in any worse health than normal, but I can't really talk about it. You understand.

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Think about how many times in a day on the Web you click “I agree” when you really don’t agree just so you can get on with your day and use an everyday thing.

This is not how consent is supposed to work.


Day 43: O my Lord and Redeemer, grant that I may understand the deep intimate ties that bind You to us, whom You have redeemed.

Also, trying out the Hallow app for Christian meditation, on the strength of the recommendation at . So far I like it, even if one of the "guides" pronounces "hallow" like "hollow".

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