God bless you. Today we celebrate the 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time. A Sunday that is set aside as the Sunday of the Word of God. Created at the conclusion of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy by Pope Francis in Apostolic letter Aperuit Illis. A Sunday given entirely to the Word of God, to appreciate the inexhaustible riches contained in that constant dialogue. We remember Saint Deacon Vincent Martyr, Saint Mother Marianne Cope Sisters of Saint Francis in Syracuse, New York and Blessed Father Henry Suso OP.

Today the Gospel in Vigil is from St Luke 24: 1-12, Why Look Among the Dead for Someone Who Is Alive. It is the Easter mystery as told by Saint Luke. The Mass Gospel is from St Luke 1: 1-4, 4: 14-21, This Text Is Being Fulfilled Today Even As You Listen. It is an introduction to the Gospel of Saint Luke followed by Jesus reading from the scroll in the synagogue in Nazareth. The Spirit of the Lord has been given to me, for he has anointed me. He has sent me to bring the good news to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives and to the blind new sight, to set the downtrodden free, to proclaim the Lord's year of favour, from Isaiah.

The spiritual reading is from the constitution on the sacred liturgy of the Second Vatican Council, Christ is Present To His Church. Christ is present to His Church, in the Liturgy, the sacrifice of the Mass, In the ministers, and in the Sacraments. Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am in their midst. Every sacrament is an activity of Christ. Liturgy on Earth is a foretaste and share of the Liturgy in Heaven. On Sunday the Christian faithful should gather together so by listening to the Word of God, share the Eucharist and remember the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Other suggested spiritual readings for today are from A sermon of St Agustine on the feast day of St Vincent, Vincent Was Victorious in Him by Whom the World Was Vanquished, and Pope Benedict XVI address at the beatification, Witness to Sacrificial Love

Today was the walk for life on the west coast in the USA. It is not as big or as important as yesterday's March for Life in Washington DC. But is still very important and an event worthy of our prayers. Please pray that the work and effort that the participants did will yield good fruit. Thank you. Again not covered by network TV but can be viewed on EWTN. Thank you

God bless you. Today is the Second Saturday of Ordinary Time, and Saturdays are a special day to ask Mary to pray for us.

The Gospel for Mass and Laud is from Saint Mark 3: 20, 21, Jesus' Relatives Were Convinced He Was Out of His Mind. For when Jesus went home a crowd collected and they could not even have a meal.

The old testament reading in Vigil and Laud is from Deuteronomy 16: 1-17, The Feast of Israel. It describes the month of Abib how the Feast of Passover, Weeks, and Tabernacles are to be performed and practiced.

The spiritual reading is from the treatise Against the Heresies by Saint Irenaeus, The Pure Offering Made By the Church. The Lord taught the Church to make an offering throughout the whole world, and God accepts this as pure sacrifice. When you are offering your gift at the altar; and you remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there at the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother, and then come back and offer your gift Moses said do not come empty-handed into the presence of the Lord your God when teaching about the feast of Passover, Weeks, and Tabernacles. We ought to offer God the first fruits of His creation. the new Law does not abolish offerings, they are now made by the Church instead of by people. The offerings are not made by slaves but now by free men. The slaves gave one-tenth of what they had for God, freemen offer all they have for the Lord's use. Freemen have more hope. We must make offerings to God, show ourselves gratefully to Him who made us, in the purity of thought, in the sincerity of faith, in fervent hope, and in the burning love with the first fruits of His creation. We are no longer corruptible but have the hope of resurrection with Jesus and the Eucharist.

The family meal with relatives is like the Feast of Moses with Passover, Weeks, and Tabernacles. They are now the Pure offering made by the Church, given by Christ, the Eucharist.

God bless you. Today we celebrate the memorial mass for Saint Agnes, Virgin, and Martyr. It is Friday of the second week in Ordinary Time. We in the USA also celebrate our March for life in Washington DC, please keep the event people and those Martyred in the womb in your prayers. EWTN has great coverage of the event, unfortunately, it is the largest March, Celebration, it will not get network coverage. Equality begins in the womb and lives in the Church Triumphant with Martyrs like Saint Agnus, and with the Church Militant with you and I.

The Gospel is from Saint Matthew 13: 44-46, He Sells Everything He Owns and Buys the Field. This is done to enjoy the found treasure of Heaven. Saint Agnus is among these treasures that are found.

The old testament reading in Vigil and Laud is from the book of Deuteronomy 10: 12- 11: 9, 26-28, Chose God Alone. Moses speaks to Israel from beyond the Jordon letting them know of the Law with a focus on the Love of God.

The spiritual reading is from a treatise on virgins by Saint Bishop Ambrose, Too Young to be Punished, Yet Old Enough for Martyn's Crown. Saint Agnus was a virgin and pure, she was martyred at 12 years of age. Let us imitate her purity, and offer ourselves in sacrifice. There was little to no room on such a small body for the wound. Saint Agnus did not fear the executioner, too young to know death yet the courage to face it. Too small to fit in the chains. A new kind of martyrdom. too young to be punished, yet old enough for a martyr's crown. Saint Agnus was a virgin on her way to punishment, crowned not with flowers but with the holiness of life, adorned with CChrist. All were amazed that one not yet of legal age can give her testimony to God. If eyes that I do not know can desire this body, then let it perish. Saint Agnus stood still, she prayed, she offered her neck. The executioner was filled with fear. Saint Agnus was one victim, but a twin martyrdom, to modesty, and to religion.

St Agnus pray for us

God bless you. Today we celebrate memorial masses for Saint Pope Fabian Martyr, Saint Sebastion Martyr, We remember Blessed Cyprian Michael Tansi and blessed Angelo Paoli. Today is also the Second Thursday of Ordinary Time.

The Gospel for the memorial mass for the Martyrs varies. The Gospel of Saint John 21: 15--17, Feed My Lambs, Feed My Sheep, is on the list for both. Jesus shows himself to the Apostles and as they eat Jesus ask Peter 3 times Peter do you love me, Peter answer Yes Lord you know I love you, Jesus answers feed my lambs, look after my sheep, feed my sheep.

The Old Testament reading in Vigil and Laud is Deuteronomy 9: 7-21, 25-29, The Sin of the People, and Moses' Intercession. They are words spoken by Moses to Israel about events at Horeb where the people sinned and provoked God and God was going to destroy them. Moses received the Law and prayed.

The spiritual reading is from the letters of Saint Cyprian, Fabian Shows Us An Example of Faith and Strength. Saint Cyprian received news by a letter from subdeacon Crementius about the martyrdom of Saint Pope Fabian. Saint Cyprian congratulated the presbyters and deacons on the honor and memory of Saint Pope Fabian who became manifest as an object of imitation. The Church stood in faith, even though some did fall in sin. The Church did not abandon those that fell, but exhorted them to repent, to be pardoned by God. If those that fall become sick, repent of the sin, and want communion it needs to be given to them. Widows, bedridden, and prisoners must always have someone to minister to them. Catechumens that become ill should not be disappointed in their hopes.

The Explanations of the psalms by Saint Ambrose Psalm 118 Faithful Witnessing to Christ, The Canticle of Brother charity, In These Poor I Recognize the Greatest Person There Is, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and from a letter by Bishop Fulgentius of Ruspe, Christ Lives for Ever to Make Intercession for us are all optional spiritual readings today.

God bless everyone. Please pray for me. The scale says I am down to 43kg, 95 lb. I am feeling fatigued and am eating more than I usually eat which is enough for a good-sized family. I am also down to 3% body fat, luckily I am male and not female which would add even more to the health problems. Please pray that I maintain courage and avoid the sin of fear and the many other sins that come with the sin of fear.

My Physical Therapist knows of the loss of even more weight from an unhealthy weight to begin with. I am hoping that it will level off and start to gain again. On Thursday I will have to get my Primary Care Provider, Gastroenterologist, and Oncologist involved if things do not improve.

If this persists and continues to lower in body weight and loss of body fat I will need to be hospitalized and given TPN for immediate help. Long-term will need to be evaluated for surgery only done at Mayo and Clevland Clinics, LILT, SILT, and STEP procedures for possible long-term help.

I am concerned and maybe even a little scared, but do not feel that I have entered the sin of fear or other sins that come with fear yet. Please pray for me. Thank you

God bless you. Today we celebrate the Second Tuesday of Ordinary Time. We will learn about Love with God and the Sabath. We remember Saint Margaret of Hungary OP and Virgin

The Gospel of todays mass is from Saint Mark 2: 23-28, The Sabbath Was Made For Man, Not Man For the Sabbath. Jesus was walking through cornfields and his disciples began to harvest the corn. Jesus was questioned about work on the sabbath as this is forbidden. Jesus responded with how David and friends went in the house of God and ate the loaves of offering which only the priest are allowed to eat. The Sabbath was made for man not man for the sabbath, the son of Man is master even of the sabbath.

The Old Testament reading in Vigil and Laud is from the book of Deuteronomy 6: 4-25, The Law of Love. Given by Moses to You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength. Remember the things the Lord our God has done for us.

The spiritual reading is from a letter of Saint Pope Clement I to the Corinthians, Who Can Express The Binding Power of Divine Love? Let man truly possessed by the love of Christ keep his commandments. Out of love the Lord took us to Himself, our Lord Jesus Christ gave his life's blood for us- he gave His body for our body, His soul for our soul. Who is worth to possess this Love unless God makes them so.Those by God's grace were made perfect in love have a dwelling now among the saints instead of dying like all the generations after Adam. Take shelter in your rooms until God'd wrath subsides, Then God will remember the good days, and will raise you up from your graves. Happy are we, beloved, if love enables us to live in harmony and in the observance of God's commandments, for then it wwill gain for us the remission of our sins.

Love of God includes keeping the commandments, the Law is from God. Man keepd the Sabbath as part of this Law, to keep Holy the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a gift from God to man to aid in forgiveness

God bless you. Today we celebrate the Second Sunday of Ordinary Time where we learn much about the importance of Obedience to Jesus the Christ. We remember Saint Abbot Fursa or Fursey, Feast of the Santo Nino, and Saint Joseph Vaz Oratorian missionary priest.

The mass and Laud Gospel is from Saint John 2: 1-11, My Hour Has Not Come Yet - Do Whatever He Tells You. It is the wedding story of Cana where Mary mother of God tells the servants to obey Jesus the Christ. The Gospel in Vigil is from Saint Mark 16: 1-20 an account of Easter. How the Resurrection was revealed to Mary of Magdala, Mary mother of James and Salome, but the apostles did not believe. Then Jesus appeared to two in the country and the apostles still did not believe. Lastly, Jesus went to the eleven themselves. Jesus rebuked them for not believing, and sent them out to share the good news. Then Jesus ascended to Heaven.

The Spiritual reading in Vigil and Laud is from Saint Ignatius of Antioch's letter to the Ephesians, The Harmony of Unity. It is right to give glory in every way to Jesus Christ, who has given glory to you. You must be made holy in all things by being united in perfect obedience to the Bishop and the presbyters. Saint Ignatius urges us to be united in conformity with God. Jesus Christ is the mind of the Father, just as bishops, appointed over the Earth are in conformity with the mind of Jesus Christ. It is fitting, therefore, that you should be in agreement with the mind of the bishop. All things are in harmony through unity. Unless a person is within the sanctuary, he is deprived of God's bread. This is the obedience we see displayed in the Gospel for mass and Laud in the weeing feast of Cana.

There are additional Spiritual readings for today not used in Vigil or Laud. From the homilies of Saint John Chrysostom on the Acts of the Apostles, The Light of a Christian Cannot Be Hid. From a sermon of Saint Pope Leo the Great, an unnamed sermon on the Holy Child

God bless you.

I am very sick and have been asked to wear N/K 95 mask. they were difficult to find, but did eventually find some. They really are not that expensive. If the government will stop hoarding them in excess and send the excess out to retailers it would make getting them much easier

God bless you. Today we celebrate the memorial praise of Saint Bishop Hilary of Poitiers. Doctor and Father of the Church. We also Remember Saint Bishop Kentigern or Mungo It is also the first Thursday of Ordinary time.

Today's Gospel for mass in memory of Saint Bishop Hilary is from Saint Matthew 5: 13-19, Your Light Must Shine in the Sight of Men. You are the salt of the Earth. You are the light of the world. Do not imagine that I have come to abolish the Law of the Prophets. I have come not to abolish but to complete them. Not one dot or little stroke shall disappear from the Law until its purpose is achieved.

The spiritual reading in Vigil and Laud is from the treatise on the Trinity by Saint Hilary of Poitiers, May I Serve You by Making You Known. My duty is to make every thought and word speak of God and Father. In fact, You have conferred on me this gift of speech, and it can yield no greater return than to be at Your service. To make You known as Father, the Father of the only-begotten God. I need to pray for the gift of Your help and Your mercy. Ask, and it wil be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. Yes, in our poverty we will pray for our needs. We will knock, for admittance wherever the gift of understanding is safely kept. We are held in the weakness of our minds, yet we do comprehend divine ideas by earnest attention to your teaching and by obedience to the faith. So we trust in you to inspire the beginnings of this ambitious venture, to strengthen its progress, and to call us into partnership in the spirit with the prophets and the apostles. Important to us, then, the meaning of the words of Scripture and the light to understand it, with reverence for the doctrine and confidence in its truth. May we have the grace, in the face of heretics who deny You, to honor You as God, and to proclaim this as truth.

There is also optional reading for Thursday of week 1 from the Discourse Against Pagans by St Athanasius

God bless you Today is the first Wednesday of Ordinary time. We remember Saint Aelred of Rievaulx, SaintMargurite Bourgeoys, and Saint Benedict Biscop all who died of illness.

The Gospel was from Saint Mark 1: 29-39, He Cast Out Devils and Cured Many Who Were Suffering From Disease. Jesus went to Simon's house and his mother-in-law was sick with fever. Jesus went to her and the fever was cured. That evening they brought Jesus to the sick and those that were possessed by devils. Jesus cured the suffering, and cast out the devils. Jesus woke early and went to pray. When Simon and others found him, Jesus asked to go elsewhere to preach there too, that is why Jesus came, so they traveled in all off Galilee.

Today's spiritual reading in Vigil and Laud is from the treatise Against the Heresies by Saint Irenaeus, Knowledge of the Father Consists in the Self-Revelation of the Son. No one can know the Father apart from God's Word, that is, unless the Son reveals him, and no one can know the Son unless the Father so wills. The Father's purpose is revealing the son was to make himself known to us all and so to welcome into eternal rest those who believe in him establishing them in justice, preserving them from death. To believe in him means to do his will. Through creation itself, the Word reveals God the Creator. Through the Son, the Word reveals the Father who begot him as Son. Through the law and the prophets, the Word revealed himself and his Father in the same way, and though all the people equally heard the message, not all equally believed it. But all saw the Father in the Son. The Son performs everything in ministry to the Father. Without the Son, no one can know God.

In the Gospel, we find Jesus revealing God in curing people of illness and casting out devils, mutely because the devils know him. Saint Irenaeus teaches us about how the Son or Word reveals the Father to those inclined to listen. The three saints we remember were all ill.

Merry Christmas, God bless you. today is the last day of Christmas and we celebrate The Baptism of the Lord. The Nativity continues as a minor theme in ordinary time until 2 Feb, The Presentation of the Lord. Today we also remember our own Baptism, and unite it with the Lord's Baptism. Today we also remember St Abbot Adrian of Canterbury, and Saint Bishop Andrew Corsini Carmelite, there is a second spiritual reading about his life suitable for reading at mealtime, not used for Vigil or Laud on The Baptism of the Lord.

The Mass Gospel is from St Luke 3: 15-16, 21-22, Someone is Coming Who Will Baptize You With the Holy Spirit and Fire. Vigil also adds Gospel readings St Matthew 3:13-17, This is My Son, the Beloved, and St Mark 1: 7-11, You are My Son, the Beloved; My Favour Rests On You. All three are the synoptic Gospel stories of the Baptism of the Lord. St John the Baptist is Baptising in the Jordon, Jesus comes. St John the Baptist protest, Jesus responds with it necessary to be done in this way. The Father announces Jesus is the Son of God.

The spiritual reading is from a sermon by St Gregory Nazianzen, The Baptism of Christ. Christ is baptized; let us also go down with him, and rise with him. John is baptizing when Jesus comes. Jesus comes to bury sinful humanity in the waters; he who is spirit and flesh comes to begin a new creation through Spirit and water. The Baptist protests, Jesus insists. Jesus rises from the waters; the world rises with him. The heavens closed by Adam are rent open. The Spirit comes in the form of a dove, like the one that long ago announced the ending of the flood, and so gives honor to the body that is one with God. Today let us do honor to Christ's Baptism and celebrate in holiness. Be cleansed entirely. Nothing gives pleasure to God as the conversion and salvation of men. You are to be random lights standing beside Christ the great light. You are to enjoy more and more the pure light of the trinity, received from God, in Jesus

Merry Christmas, God bless you.

Today is a day of long Lectio Divina prayer in understanding the Gospel and the spiritual readings in Vigil and Laud. Today we also remember Saint Bishop Nathalan and Saint Peter Thomas a Carmelite, with optional reading about how to die with courage, suitable for reading at meals, not used in Vigil or Laud.

Todays Gospel is from St John 3: 22-30. He Must Grow Greater and I Must Grow Smaller: My Joy is Complete. Jesus and St John the Baptist are both Baptising in different places after Jesus was Baptised, and before St John the Baptist was jailed. St John the Baptist tells his disciples I am not the Christ, I am the one sent in front of him. That his joy is now complete. That Jesus must grow greater and he must grow smaller.

The spiritual reading in Vigil and Laud is from A sermon by Faustus of Riezz, The Marriage of Christ and the Church. On the third day there was a wedding. the joyful marriage of man's salvation. The conversion of the pagans is marked by song music and wedding garments. Like a bridegroom coming from his marriage chamber our God descended to the Earth in his incarnation in order to be united with his Church formed of pagan nations. A pledge when God was united to man, a dowry when sacrificed for man's salvation. The events at Cana are strange and wonderful, but they are also signs and symbols. Water is about our rebirth in Baptism. One thing is changed into another. A lesser creature is changed to a greater. in Galilee wine was made of water. The law withdraws and is replaced by grace, shadows fade and truth becomes present. The old order passed away; now all is new. The Law is not destroyed by Christ, it is made better than it was. The law was good, grace is better.

The connection and lesson is St John the Baptist is of the old, is a prophet, the last, sent to prepare the way for the new Jesus. Must grow smaller so Jesus will be greater. In the joy of both old and new will become complete

Merry Christmas, God bless you. Some thoughts of the day as I prepare for Compline and the daily prayer of the Confeder before bed.

Today at the pizzeria I eat at after my medical appointments I had a 40cm, 16", family size pizza with all the toppings, in a single sitting. I really do not think much about this as this has become a normal size meal for me. They want to celebrate my ability to eat but for pride, gluttony, and other sins. Put my pic up on the wall with one of their family-size pizza pictures. They are the best pizza in Summit County Colorado. Also, an interview to go with the pic and a free pizza.

I think I need to talk with them. Allow the pic in my pink Live with Courage Survive Cancer jacket front and back and the pizza for their wall. In the interview change the focus from gluttony to the Courage to live, with suffering that comes with Cancer and Short Bowel Syndrome. I eat like this all the time three times a day, get herniae from eating to much, not incorrect lifting like most men. But my weight is only 46 kg, or 101lb, and still dropping. I have to eat like this to stay out of a Long Term Care Facility and among the church militant. I eat like this to live, the courage to survive in the church militant, until it is time for me to move on to a different church. I wish it could be otherwise but it is my cross and my suffering with Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Raphael, Tobit, and others like Blessed Charia Bandano. I will ask that they give the free pizza for the care providers at the Shaw Cancer Center, and maybe look at a fundraiser for them.

A way to turn this from sin to acts of virtue and help others that know they will leave the church militant to find courage to live t and give to the church militant with their heart and soul, until God calls them to move to a different church.

Merry Christmas, God bless you. Today is the real Epiphany 6 Jan. Pope Francis ask us to dream, seek, and adore God in our life. Today is also memory of Saint Brother Andre Bessette, an illiterate bother of the Holy Cross Fathers with a strong devotion of Saint Joseph, and known for praying for the sick with many being relieved and cured.

Today there are many options for the readings at mass, many choices for the Gospel in Laud too. It is an even year, of year C I chose one from the Gospel of Saint Luke 12: 32-34, It Has Pleased Your Father To Give You the Kingdom.

The spiritual reading in Vigil and Laud is from A Commentary on Saint John's gospel by Saint Cyril of Alexandria, The Gift of the Holy Spirit To All Mankind. In a plan of surpassing beauty, the Creator of the universe decreed the renewal of all things in Christ. God gave a promise to the world to pour out upon it the Holy Spirit along with other gifts. The timing of the Holy Spirit's coming was the time of Christ coming. In the days of the Saviour, God will pour out a share of my Spirit on all mankind. God revealed in our midst the only-begotten Son, clothed with flesh on this Earth, born of a woman, the Virgin Mary. Christ as first-fruits of our restored nature, was the first to receive the Spirit. Saint John the Baptist said in witness: I saw the Spirit coming down from Heaven, and it rested on him. Christ received the Spirit in so far as he was man, and in so far as man could receive the Spirit. The Father said to Jesus, You are my Son; today I have begotten you. The Father is to accept us in Christ as God's adopted children. The Son therefore took to himself the seed of Abraham, became like his broths in all things except sin. Christ receives the Spirit to renew our nature in its entirety and to make it whole again, for becoming man Christ took our entire nature to himself. For it is through CChrist that all gifts come down to us.

Merry Christmas, God bless you.

Praying the psalms as one does when they pray the liturgy of the hours is very specail and a great way to be intouch with God. Vigils we prayed Psalm 39 a psalm that I needed and help to give me some direction.

I said, 'I will watch how I behave so that I do not sin by my tongue. I will keep a muzzle on my mouth as long as any sinner is near.' I stayed dumb, silent, speechless, but the sinner's prosperity redoubled my torment. My heart had been smouldering within me, but at the thought of this it flared up and the words came bursting out, 'Yahweh, let me know my fate, how much longer I have to live. Show me just how frail I am. Look, you have given me but a hand's breadth or two of life, the length of my life is as nothing to you. Every human being that stands on earth is a mere puff of wind, every human being that walks only a shadow; a mere puff of wind is the wealth stored away -- no knowing who will profit from it.' So now, Lord, what am I to hope for? My hope is in you. Save me from all my sins, do not make me the butt of fools. I keep silence, I speak no more since you yourself have been at work. Take your scourge away from me. I am worn out by the blows you deal me. You correct human beings by punishing sin, like a moth you eat away all their desires -- a human being is a mere puff of wind. Yahweh, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for help, do not remain deaf to my weeping. For I am a stranger in your house, a nomad like all my ancestors. Turn away your gaze that I may breathe freely before I depart and am no more!

The Liturgy of the Hours is a great gift for all Catholics from mother Church

Merry Christmas, God bless you. Today we celebrate and remember St Bishop John Neumann. He was Bishop of Philadelphia and is remembered for his service and his work with youth.

The Gospel is from Saint Mark 6: 34-44, The Feeding of the Five Thousand. Where Jesus stepped ashore and found a large crowd and went about teaching them at length. When it was getting late Jesus was asked to send the crowd home so they can eat. Jesus responded to feed the crowds. There were 5 loves of bread and 2 fish. In the end, the scraps were collected in 12 baskets after feeding 5000 people. Yes, a miracle was performed by Jesus for the people, but more importantly, was the obedience of the disciples. That they listened to Jesus and obeyed the instructions they received. The results were the miracle of the feeding and the excess from the gifts. The disciple listened and obeyed.

The spiritual reading in Vigil and Laud is from a Letter to Cardinal Barnabo by Bishop John Neumann, I Have Laboured With All My Powers To Fulfill the Duties of My Office. The letter was promised from the local synod of US Bishops. The Diocese of Philidelphia was proposed to divide, and Bishop John Neumann was expected to resign, by the Holy Seel, was made coadjutor. St John Neumann was disturbed that he did something that displeased the Holy Father that they expected his resignation. If this was the case St John Neumann was ready to resign. St John Neumann took his burden out of obedience and labored to fulfill the duties of Bishop with the help of God to have good fruit. St John Neumann made it known that he wished to transition to one of the of the new diocese to be created, prior to the synod, not to stop serving as a Bishop. St John Neumann was humble and had feelings of unworthiness to serve. If it is displeasing to His Holiness to divide the diocese being prepared to remain in the same condition as present. or if God inspires His Holiness to resign. He desired nothing but to fulfill the wish of the Pope.

Merry Christmas, God bless you.

How may my suffering help you find joy. I stood on the scale today and the numbers keep getting smaller. much to small. The more I eat the smaller I get. I am down to 46 kg or 101 lb. Still here still suffering, most of the time very happy and filled with joy, but very challenged. At this weight not sure I will remain in the church militant the next time I get a sepsis infection, which will happen, usually one or two a year. Sometimes the infection gets into the bone marrow which creates large amounts of pain. Life in general is great.

Please do not tell me to eat, I do a lot of that. I eat enough food in a day for a large family. My food bill is larger than my mortgage. Today I had a dozen eggs and 1lb of homemade corn beef hash, a 16" family size pizza with a family salid, and 1lb of pasta with 1lb Italian hot sausage in sauce and cheese. Also snacked on 2 sticks of butter 1 at a time between meals and will have 1/2 gallon of ice cream. It just seems to slide out the terminal jejunostomy about 10 to 15 min after I eat. I eat enough that the doctors say it is the cause of my herniae. I also drink the feeding formula they inject in NG tubes and PEGs

Today while praying the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary I started to cry. I know that Jesus and Mary suffer with me and help give me strength and courage in living, that the suffering is united. During basic training, I would drive the drill sergeant crazy because I would cry, but it gave me strength to survive it.

My heart is most of the time good, and my face is strong so I can always smile and love you and all of life, even when challenged. When with sepsis sacraments of Penance and Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick help me to find the joy in suffering. Eucharist always helps too.

How may my suffering help you and aid you in finding joy in life. Please pray with me. I need to eat again, I am always hungry.

Merry Christmas, God bless you, Today we celebrate the first American born Saint. Saint Mother Elizebeth Ann Seaton, the founder of the Sisters of Charity. She started a school for the poor in Emmitsburg Maryland, Seaton Hill College, and Senton Hall University are named after her. She was born Protestant in New York City and converted to the Catholic faith. Lived from 1774 to 1821.

There are many options for the Gospel today, it being year C and even I chose one from Saint Luke that talks about my dear sisters and is mentioned in the petitions in Laud. Saint Luke 10: 38-42, Martha Works; Mary Listens. For they chose different ways to enjoy Jesus. Martha welcomed Jesus and brought him to the house and served him, became caught up in the many things involved with service, like a Sergeant, or Deacon. Mary sits at the feet of Jesus and listens. When seeking help she is reminded about her cross in life of service. Mary has chosen a different cross with different suffering and joy. Her joy will not be taken from her, nor will the joy of Martha be taken from her when it is her turn for joy.

The spiritual reading in Vigil and Laud is from a conference to Saint Mother Seaton's spiritual daughters, Our Daily Work Is To Do the Will of God. the rule of Jesus's life was to do the will of the Father. I propose in our daily work is to do the will of God, to do it in the manner He wills, to do it because it is His will. I know his rule by those that direct me. To do the will truly, without fretting, for Jesus was never into extremes. To do it because it is the will of God, be ready to quit at any time to do other things to which you are called. Always keep the eye of faith open. We must suffer as those suffered before us. We have our sins, pride, causeless discontent, restless impatience, or peevish fretfulness. God calls us to a holy life. We are weak but God offers grace to carry us. We lack courage to overcome our nature, and find misery. You may cry, but will be in joy

Merry Christmas, God bless you, Most Holy Name of Jesus, memory of Saint Munchin, SaintGeneieve, Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara, and Blessed Stephana Quinzani OP. Also Monday after Epiphany.

The Gospel for Most Holy Name of Jesus is Luke 2: 21-24, His Parents Took Him To Jerusalem To Present Him to the Lord. It is the story of Jesus's circumcision on the 8th day and was given the name Jesus as told by Saint Gabriel. the law requires first born males to be concentrated to the Lord.

The Spiritual reading is from the sermons of Saint Bernardine of Siena, The Name of Jesus, Great Foundation of Faith. Give us the name of mercy, may the Name of Jesus sound in my ears, because truly then sweet is your voice and beautiful your face. Great therefore is the Name of Jesus, foundation of the faith, making us children of God. Jesus is the foundation the light and the door, the way for those that have gone astray brought to everyone the light of faith by which god can be believed and found. This foundation sustains the Church built in the Name of Jesus. Once you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord: walk as children of light. Through the Name of Jesus crimes are forgiven enemies are defeated you were weak and set free. With them, O most sweet Jesus, make us reign through this your most holy name.

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