God bless everyone. Today we celebrate the 7th Sunday of Ordinary Time. We remember Blessed Christopher of Milan OP. We learn much about the virtue of Love and Charity in our prayers and Mass.

The Gospel in Vigil is from Saint John 20: 19-31, Eight Days Later,, Jesus Came Again and Stood Among Them. the Story of Saint Thomas the Apostle and how he was absent during a first visitation and then at a second one eight days latter invited to inspect the wounds of Christ to believe. A belief all the apostles have from Love of Christ. The Mass Gospel is from Saint Luke 6: 27-38, Love Your Enemies. We are called to Love our enemies to do good to those who hate us, pray for those that treat us badly.

The scriptural reading in Vigil and Laud is from Ecclesiastes 1: 1-18, All is Vanity.

The Spiritual reading in Vigil and Laud is from a treatise on Charity by Saint Maximus the Confessor, Without Love Everything Is In Vain. Charity is a right attitude of mind which prefers nothing to the knowledge of God. For God is far superior to all his creation, since everything which exist has been made by God and for Him. Whoever loves me will keep my commandments. And this is my commandment: that you love one another. the lover of God does not distinguish between a good man and a bad one, a just man and one sho is unjust. Charitable mind is not displayed simply in giving money; it is manifested still more by personal service as well as by the communication of God's word to others. For Jeremiah warns us Do not say: We are the Lord's temple. Neither should we say Faith alone in our Lord Jesus Christ can save me. For even the devils believe and shudder. No, faith must be joined to an active love of God which is expressed in good works. The charitable man is distinguished by sincere and long-suffering service to his fellow man: it also means using things aright.

God bless you. Today we celebrate the 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time, we remember Blessed Jordan of Saxony OP priest and master of Dominican order after the death of Saint Dominic.

The gospel for Vigil is from Saint John 20: 1-18. the Easter mystery of Saint Mary of Magdala, Simon Peter, and the disciple Jesus loved at the empty tomb. The gospel for Mass is from Saint Luke 6: 17, 20-26, Happy are You Who are Poor,, Who are Hungry, Who Weep. The Beatitudes as found in the gospel of Luke during the sermon on the plain.

The scriptural reading in Vigil, and Laud is from Proverbs 1: 1-7, 20-33, An Exhortation To Seek Wisdom.

The spiritual reading in Vigil and Laude is from a commentary on the Diatessaron by Saint Deacon Ephraem, God's Word is An Inexhaustible Spring of Life. For God's word offers different facets according to the capacity the listener, and the Lord has portrayed his message in many colors, so that whoever gazes upon it can see in it what suits him. the word is as the Apostle says: They ate spiritual food, and they drank spiritual drink. Anyone discovers some part of the treasure, he should not think that he has exhausted God's word. Instead he should feel that this is all that he was able to find of the wealth contained in it. Be glad then that you are overwhelmed, and not saddened because he has overcome you. A thirsty man is happy when he is drinking, and he is not depressed because he cannot exhaust the spring. Be thankful then for what you have received, and do not be saddened at all that such an abundance still remains. What you have received and attained is your present share, while what is left will be your heritage.

These are very wise words and a gift to the Church from the Holy Spirit given through Saint Decon Ephream. They keep us returning to the Word of God, the stories of Easter mystery, the sermon on the Mount, the sermon on the Plain, and many more and always receive God in new ways in our life.

God bless you. You are in my prayers

God bless everyone. Sorry about being so late with this. It was a busy day with a ministry of presence at a Nordic Skining event with others that are in the Church Militant that live pray and suffer with cancer. Also the good news is that I am recovering from the hernia surgery and am now able to nordic ski.

Today we celebrate the Memorial of Saint Scholastica OSB Virgin, Thursday of the 5th week of Ordinary Time, and the shipwreck of Saint Paul and companions on Malta.

The Gospel for mass is from Saint Luke 10: 38-42, Martha Works, Mary Listens. Jesus went to Bethany and Martha meets him and welcomes him in the house. Mary sits at his feet and listen while Martha was busy serving.

The scriptural reading is from Galatians 4: 8-31, Divine In hesitance and the Freedom of the New Covenant. Some among the Galatians wish for them to first become Jews and then Christians. Saint Paul is letting them know this is not so.

The spiritual reading is from the books of Dialogues by Saint Pope Gregory OSB the great, She Who Loved More Could Do More. Saints Scholastica and Benedict would meet each other once a year on the monastery in a building near the gate. The would talk about sacred things and the spiritual life. It was getting late so they fixed a meal and continued to talk late into the night. It was getting time for Saint Benedict to leave for the cosseted areas of the monastery and Saint Scholastic asked him and his company to stay and continue to talk, Saint Benedict refused. Saint Scholastica prayed and a violent storm came and Saint Benedict should not go. Saint Benedict asked his sister what she did and she told him she asked God to have him stay to continued the talk about sacred and spiritual things. Saint Benedict was concerned with the rule and the laws of what to do and discipline. St Scolastica with love and how to live and move to church after the church militant. Saint Benedict was Martha, Saint Scholastica was Mary and God chose for her to love.

God bless you. Today we celebrate the 5th Sunday of ordinary time. We also remember St Paul Miki SJ Martyr, SS. Gonzalo Garcia, Peter Baptista Franciscans, Martyrs with St Paul Miki and other companions in Nagasaki, Japan.

The Gospel in todays Vigil is from St Luke 24: 35-53. A story about Jesus time with the apostles from the resurrection to the accession. The gospel for Mass is from St Luke 5: 1-11, They Left Everything and Followed Him. Jesus came up upon a boat and asked to be taken out a little to sea to teach the crowd. After Jesus instructed the boat to go out to the deep and put the nets out for a catch. The fisher men objected but obeyed. Instead of catching nothing as they did all night the net was so full it was tearing and they had to ask their friends in another boat for help. The two boats were so full they almost sank. Simon fell to his knees and asked Jesus to leave for he is a sinful man. Jesus invites them to follow him and to become fishers of men.

The scriptural reading in Vigil and Laud is from Saint Paul's letter to the Galatians 1: 1-12, Paul's Gospel. St Paul writes to the Galatians that they only have to believe what he has taught them, and not other versions of the Good News that were being taught by other men.

The spiritual reading is from and explanation of Paul's letter to the Galatians by St Bishop Augustine, let Us Understand the Workings of God's Grace. it is a rare occurrence that this reading is not explaining the Gospel of the Mass. But in this case the scriptural reading in Vigil and Laud. It is explaining the addition to the Good News shared by St Paul and the following of the Law most notably the circumcision of males. For sin is taken away only by the gift of faith that works through love, already received by the Galatians.

There is a second spiritual reading. From an account of the martyrdom of Saint Paul Miki and his companions, by a contemporary writer, You Shall Be My Witnesses.

God bless you. Today we celebrate Saint Agatha Virgin and Martyr. It is one of the very few Saturdays in the year we do not celebrate the Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

The Mass and Laud Gospel is from Saint Luke 9: 23-26, The Son of Man is Destined To Suffer Grievously. For anyone who wants to save his life will lose it: but anyone who loses his life for my sake, that man will save it.

The scriptural reading in Vigil and Laud is from Saint Paul, 2 Thessalonians 3: 1-18, Exhortation and Considerations. Saint Paul ask for prayers for his works, and encourages people to stay away from brothers who refuse to work and live according to the traditions that he and Saint Timothy have passed on to them.

The spiritual reading in vigil and laud is from a homily on Saint Agatha by Saint Bishop Methods of Sicily, The Gift of God, the Sources of All Goodness. Saint Agatha is renown in the early Church for her noble victory: she is well known now as well, for she continues to triumph through her divine miracles, which occur daily and continue to bring glory. She is indeed a virgin, for she was born of the divine Word, God's only Son, who also experienced death for our sake. her robe is the mark of her faithful witness to Christ. It bares the indelible marks of his crimson blood and the shining threads of her eloquence. Agatha means good, and Saint Agatha was truly good, for she lived as a child of God. Saint Agatha teaches all men by her example to hasten with her to the true Good. God alone.

There is an additional spiritual reading for today from the Second Vatican Council's pastoral constitution "Gaudier Et Spes" on the Church in the modern world, Human Activity.

God bless everyone. Sorry I have been a little busy the past couple of days with a big dead line of Sunday to get a web site up and running.

Good news is that Oblate-OSB.org is now publicly available. it should also be viewable on Oblate-OSB.net, and Oblate-OSB.com. Just do not want the name being hijacked and strange and sinful things broadcasted on it.

Right now working on a sub page that will comment on the Rule of Saint Benedict and how non monastics can use the rule as a spiritual guide to life.

There will be a sub page Living with Courage which will be about living with sever illness and an anti-euthanasia clinical pastoral counseling area

In the future there will be commentaries on Saint Pope Gregory's OSB works Dialogues, and Treaties on Job

There could be some other academic work, Bothe Lectio Divina, and Sitz en Laben styles will be used depending on the work and its intent.

This blog will also appear on the home page, and will get back at the bog starting tomorrow.

God bless you. You are all in my prayers. Please pray for the good works of this site. Thank you.

God bless everyone. We need more prayers for peace. 2000 members of light recon units in 18 th airborne corp have received deployment orders. 1000 soldiers in Germany have received movement orders. A mechanized infantry division and armored calvary regiment in 3 corp remain on warning orders. Thank you

May God bless all the consecrated of the world in all the communities, and all levels of consecrated life in prayer and life with and for the service of God: also pray for their work that it may bear great fruits with the help of God. Please take the time to pray for and to thank the consecrated people in your life today on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord. Thank you, and God bless you

God bless you. Today is the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord.

There are two gospel readings in Vigil prayer today. From St John 1: 1-18, The Word Was Made Flesh and Lived Among Us, and St John 3:16-21, God Sent His Son Into the World So That Through Him the World Might Be Saved. The Mass and Laud Gospel is from St Luke 2: 22-40, My eyes Have Seen Your Salvation. It is the story of Jesus being presented at the Temple, obeying the Law, with the prescribed sacrifice. Simeon, and Anna both prophesied about Jesus, and Mary and Joseph were amazed. Mary kept and pondered these things in her heart.

The scriptural reading in Vigil and Laud is from Exodus 13: 1-3, 11-16. It is the Law given to Moses that requires all firstborns to be consecrated to God.

The Spiritual reading in Vigil and Laud is from a sermon by St Bishop Sophronius, Let Us Receive the light Whoes Brilliance Is Eternal. Everyone should be eager to join the procession and to carry a light. Our lighted candles are a sign of the divine splendor of the one who comes to expel the dark shadows of evil and to make the whole universe radiant with the brilliance of his eternal light. The Mother of God, the most pure Virgin, carried the true light in her arms and brought him to those who lay in darkness. We join in procession with the lighted candles to reveal the light that has shone upon us and the glory that is yes to come to us through Jesus. Rejoicing with Simeon, let us sing a hymn of thanksgiving to God, the Father of the light, who sent the true light to dispel the darkness and to give us all a share in his splendor. As Simeon was released from the bonds of this life when he had seen Christ, so we too were at once freed from our old state of sinfulness. Never shall we forget this presence; every year we keep a feast in his honour.

Additional reading available, from the treatise On Spiritual Perfection by Diadochus of Photike, The Minds Sense of Taste Teaches the Art of Spiritual Discernment

God bless you. Today we celebrate the Fourth Tuesday of Ordinary Time. We remember St Brigid, St Henry Morse SJ Martyr, Bd Benedict Daswa Martyr, Bd Candelaria of Saint Joseph, TOR Carmelite Sisters of Venezuela.

Today's gospel is from St Mark 5: 21-43, Little Girl, I Tell You To Get Up. Jairus. a local synagogue official, had a sick daughter that Jesus would tell Little girl I tell you to get up, she did. On the way to the house, they were told the little girl was dead, but Jesus said not to worry and continued. Also on the way, there was a lady that suffered hemorrhages for twelve years. She believed that if she could touch the clothing of Jesus she would be cured. Jesus stopped at the touch and saught the Lady. The Lady told Jesus it was her, her story. Jesus told her that her faith had cured her.

The scriptural reading in Vigil and Laud is from 1 Thessalonians 4: 1-18, Holy Life and Hope of the Resurrection. Saint Paul congratulated the Macedonians on their spiritual life and encouraged greater growth.

The spiritual reading in Vigils and Laud is from the Treatise Against the Heresies by St Irenaeus, In Christ Are the First-Fruits of the Resurrection. The Word of God became man, the Son became the Son of Man, in order to unite man with himself by adoption, a son of God. This preserves us from corruption and death. Jesus became the Son of Man by human birth from the Virgin Mary. Mary bore a son named Emmanuel, God with us. Jesus came in search of the lost sheep and returned them to the Father. The Lord became the first-fruits of the resurrection of mankind.

Additional spiritual readings for today are from a sermon by St Augustine, The Martyrs' Deaths are Made Precious by the Death of Christ. The post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Africae Munus of Pope Benedict XVI, Cultivate Interior Life and Relationship with God in All Circumstances. A circular letter by Bd Candelaria of St Joseph, I Wish for You to Receive This Advice as Having Been Inspired by God

God bless you. Today we celebrate the memorial of St Fr John Bosco founder of the congregation of Salesians. We also remember St Fr Alban Roe OSB Martyr, and St Fr Thomas Green (or Reynolds) Martyr.

Today's gospel is from St Matthew 18: 1-5, Unless You Become Like Little Children You Will Not Enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The scriptural reading in Vigil and Laud is from 1Thessalonians 2: 13- 3: 13, The Friendship Between Paul and the Thessalonians. it also includes information on some of the work of St Timothy with them.

The spiritual reading from Vigil and Laud is from a letter by St Father John Bosco, I Have Always Laboured Out of love. First of all, if we wish to appear concerned about the true happiness of our foster children and if we would move them to fulfill their duties, you must never forget that you are taking the place of the parents of these beloved young people. Yes, indeed, it is more fitting to be persistent in punishing our own impatience and pride than to correct the boys. I give you as a model the charity of Saint Paul which he showed to his converts. They often reduced him to tears and entreaties when he found them lacking docility, and even opposing his loving efforts. It is difficult to keep calm when administering punishments, but this must be done if we are to keep ourselves from showing off our authority or spilling our anger. Let us not rule over them except for the purpose of serving them better. This was the method that Jesus used with the apostles. He put up with their ignorance and roughness and even their infidelity Jesus treated sinners with kindness and affection that caused some to be shocked, others to be scandalized, and still others to hope for God's mercy. They are our sons, so in correcting their mistakes we must lay aside all anger and restrain it so firmly that it is extinguished entirely.

Optional spiritual reading is from a treatise on psalms by Saint Hilary of Poitiers, The Hearts and Minds of All Believers Were One

God bless you. Today we celebrate the 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time, and we remember St Bishop Aedan Ferns, The Mass and the Liturgy of Hours focus on the virtue of Love.

The Gospel for Vigil is from St Luke 24: 13-55, They Recognised Him at the Breaking of Bread. the story of the disciples walk with Jesus to Emmaus. The Gospel at Mass is from St Luke 4: 21-30, No Prophet is Ever Accepted in His Own Country. After Jesus read in the synagogue in Nazareth he spoke. This text is being fulfilled today even as you listen. the people were amazed. Jesus reminded the people that no prophet is ever accepted in his own country. Reminding the people Elijah was sent to Zarephath a Sidonian, and Elisha cured leprosy for the Syrian Naaman. This enranged the people that looked to kill Jesus that escaped.

The spiritual reading in Vigil and Laud is from St Ignatius of Antioch's letter to the Church of Smyrna, Christ Has Called Us To His Kingdom and Glory. St Ignatius wishes the Church at Smyrna in Asia all joy in an immaculate spirit and the Word of God, mercy you have son every gift and lack none, filled as you are with faith and love, beloved of God and fruitful in sanctity. You are like men who have been nailed body and soul to the cross of Jesus Christ, confirmed in love by His blood. By Christ's resurrection, He raised up a standard over His saints and faithful ones for all time in the one body of His Church. For He endured all this for us; for our salvation; and He really suffered, and just as truly rose from the dead. St Ignatius is convinced that Jesus was united with his body after the resurrection. Jesus told St Peter and the ten Take hold of me, touch me and see that I am not a spirit without a body, and they did. Jesus also ate and drank with them like a real human being, even though in spirit He was untied with His Father.

It is love that allows the disciples to recognized Jesus in Emmaus. Love also was in the amazement of the people of Nazareth and the Apostles

God bless you. Today we celebrate the third Saturday of ordinary time, a memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We remember Blessed Archangela Girlani Carmelite sister prioress, virgin. Blessed Villana de' Botti OP (lay and wife).

Today's Gospel is from St Mark 44: 35-41, Even the Wind and the Sea Obey Him. It is the story of the crossing of the sea where Jesus sleeps in the stern of the boat during the storm and rough sea. He is woken by the Apostles quiets the storm and calms the sea. Questions the apostles' faith and fear of dying.

The Old Testament reading in Vigil and Laud is from Deuteronomy 32: 48-52, 34: 1-12, The Death of Moses on Mount Nebo while looking at the promised land denied his entrance for breaking of faith with God with Israel at Meribath-keadesh in the wilderness of Zin.

The spiritual reading is from the Second Vatican Council's pastoral constitution Gaudium et spes on the Church in the modern world, The Mystery of Death. Man is not only victim of pain and the progressive deterioration of his body: he is also more deeply, tormented by the fear of final extinction. he carries with him the seed of eternity, which cannot be reduced to matter alone, and so he rebels against death. Christian faith teaches that the bodily death, to which man would not have been subject if he had not sinned, will be conquered; the almighty and merciful Saviour will restore man to the wholeness that he had lost through his own fault. God has called man and still calls him, to be united in his whole being in perpetual communion with Himself in the immortality of the divine life. Faith offers the answer to questions concerning his destiny. the Christian has the duty to fight evil and death. This is true of all men of good will. Christ died for all men. Christ has risen, destroying death and giving the gift of life.

Optional additional reading from the Exhortation on the Carmelite Rule by Blessed John Soreth, Concerning the Cell Both Exterior and Interior.

God bless you. Please let us pray for the work of Catholic Healthcare International's goals of starting a CASA in Michigan near Lansing. It is a health care model created by Saint Padre Pio, with great respect for life, no abortion, contraception, IBF, euthanasia. It is based on providing medical treatment that is in agreement with the Catholic Church. They are also looking to start a similar medical school for DO training on the campus of Ave Maria I do hope it will expand to nursing and Dr Pharm too. Please pray for their work, with the help of God will yield great fruits for medical care in USA, and in the world. Thank you, and God bless you.

God bless you. Today we celebrate the memorial of Saint Angela Merici, virgin. We also remember Blessed Edward Oldcorne priest and martyr, saint Henry de Osso priest, and Blessed Marcolino of Forli OP priest.

The gospel at Mass and Laud is from Saint Luke 10: 1-9, Your Peace Will Rest On That Man. Where Jesus sends 72 disciples in 36 pairs on mission ahead of him, to prepare for his upcoming visit and gives them instructions on what to bring and how to behave.

The Old Testament reading from Vigil and Laud is from Deuteronomy 30: 1- 20, Pardon After Exile. Moses instructs God's people on the relation with God and the land. Love of God and obey the Law and Israel prospers. When they lose respect for God and do not obey the Law Israel will be ruled by the other nations. God will pardon Israel when the love returns and the Law is obeyed.

The Spiritual reading in Vigil and Laud is from the Spiritual Testament by Saint Angela Merici, Virgin, He Has Disposed All Things Pleasantly. Mothers and sisters most dear to me in Christ: With the help of God, try to receive such good counsel that, led solely by the love of God and an eagerness to save souls, you may fulfil your charge. Only if the responsibilities committed to you are rooted firmly in this twofold charity will they bear beneficial and saving fruit. A good tree is not able to produce bad fruit. Saint Augustine said: Love and do what you will, namely, possess love and charity and then do what you will. Bear your daughters engraved upon your heart not merely their names, but their conditions and states, whatever they may be. Spiritual love is more powerful than the love that comes from a blood relationship. If you love these your daughters with a living and unaffected charity, it will be impossible for you not to have each and every one of them engraved upon your memory and in your mind. Strive to draw them by love,, modesty, charity and not by pride and harshness. Exercise pleasantness towards all. The Lord is meek.

God bless you. We need to pray for world peace. 8 000 soldiers did not receive warning orders to defend the Whitehouse. It was 8 500 that received warning orders for rapid deployment to Ukraine to defend Ukraine as President Clinton, and President Obama obligated the United States to do to keep the military power of Ukraine limited. The number of warning orders is very likely to grow over the next few days to include units in 18th airborne corp and 3rd armor corp. North Korea is also getting jealous that they are not getting all the attention and is launching test weapons of mass destruction again.

God bless you. For all of you who pray for the sick and disabled to find the courage to live life with Hope, Faith, Love, Courage, Wisdom, Temperance, and Justice please pray for the work of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network and their prolife fight against euthanasia. That the work they do to yeild great fruit with the help of God. Thank you for your prayers.

God bless you. thank you for sharing such a great meditation. I miss this closeness tot the tabernacle that I lost when forced to retire from the Army. and do take advantage of being able to be at the church when I can be and the church is open. It is a little different in rural America from living in suburban and urban areas but has other advantages of being quiet and peaceful. I have grown closer to God but in quiet, peace and the gift of the Liturgy of the Hours from the Church

God bless you. Today we celebrate the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul. The Apostle and chosen teacher of all the nations. Once Saul and persecutor of the church chosen by God form the womb to become the apostle and teacher to the nations.

Today the Gospel is taken from Saint Mark 16: 15-18, Go Out to the Whole World; Proclaim the Good News. Jesus visits the Eleven and sends them on a mission to share the good news with the world.

The first reading in Vigil and Laud is rarely taken from the New Testament and is from Galatians 1: 11-24. Saint Paul describes in his own words his conversion.

The Spiritual reading is from a homily by Saint Bishop John Chrysostom, For Love of Christ, Paul Bore Every Burden. Paul, more than anyone else, has shown us what man really is, and in what our nobility consists, and of what virtue this particular animal is capable. Thus, amid the traps set for him by his enemies, with exultant heart he turned their every attack into a victory for himself; constantly beaten, abused and cursed, he bosted of it as though he were celebrating a triumphal procession and taking trophies home, and offered thanks to God for it all: Thanks be to God who is always victorious in us! The most important thing of all to Saint Paul, however, was that he knew himself to be loved by Christ. To be separated from that love was, in his eyes, the ge=reatest and most extraordinary of torments; the pain of that loss would alone have been hell, and endless, unbearable torture. Apart from the love nothing saddened or delighted Saint Paul; for nothing earthly did he regard as bitter or sweet. Death itself and pain and whatever torments might come were but child's play to Saint Paul, provided that thereby he might bear some burden for the sake of Christ.

There is an optional additional reading from the Detailed Rules for Monks by Saint Bishop Basil the Great, How Shall We Repay the Lord for All His Goodness To Us.

God bless you. Today we celebrate the 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time. A Sunday that is set aside as the Sunday of the Word of God. Created at the conclusion of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy by Pope Francis in Apostolic letter Aperuit Illis. A Sunday given entirely to the Word of God, to appreciate the inexhaustible riches contained in that constant dialogue. We remember Saint Deacon Vincent Martyr, Saint Mother Marianne Cope Sisters of Saint Francis in Syracuse, New York and Blessed Father Henry Suso OP.

Today the Gospel in Vigil is from St Luke 24: 1-12, Why Look Among the Dead for Someone Who Is Alive. It is the Easter mystery as told by Saint Luke. The Mass Gospel is from St Luke 1: 1-4, 4: 14-21, This Text Is Being Fulfilled Today Even As You Listen. It is an introduction to the Gospel of Saint Luke followed by Jesus reading from the scroll in the synagogue in Nazareth. The Spirit of the Lord has been given to me, for he has anointed me. He has sent me to bring the good news to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives and to the blind new sight, to set the downtrodden free, to proclaim the Lord's year of favour, from Isaiah.

The spiritual reading is from the constitution on the sacred liturgy of the Second Vatican Council, Christ is Present To His Church. Christ is present to His Church, in the Liturgy, the sacrifice of the Mass, In the ministers, and in the Sacraments. Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am in their midst. Every sacrament is an activity of Christ. Liturgy on Earth is a foretaste and share of the Liturgy in Heaven. On Sunday the Christian faithful should gather together so by listening to the Word of God, share the Eucharist and remember the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Other suggested spiritual readings for today are from A sermon of St Agustine on the feast day of St Vincent, Vincent Was Victorious in Him by Whom the World Was Vanquished, and Pope Benedict XVI address at the beatification, Witness to Sacrificial Love

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