@Domscribe48 Merry Christmas, Enjoy Mary, Mother of God, God bless you, and Happy New Year. Thank you.

I know my life had some of these surprises and challenges. At the age of 32 in July of 2000 I was not planning to get sick and spend my life suffering with autoimmune diseases and stage IV cancer. Then I thought and felt my vocation was to become a monk, and a priest. That I would serve in the US Army Chaplain's Corp. Instead, my vocation has become that of a sick person that cries out as an Oblate to listen and obey, to prepare for life on Earth to end and to live with God for all of time.

The Church prepares us for the end times, and for our personal judgment with God. The seasons of Advent, and Lent are times that we prepare for events of salvation history, the end times, and personal time with God. The personal time is both on Earth in times of suffering, and life after Earth. The mass has the training we need with the help of good priests, decons, and bishops to guide us. The Liturgy of Hours that can be prayed by all of men, not restricted to those in Holy Orders even takes this training and preparation to greater levels. The Spiritual readings, many from the church fathers and doctors of the church, and some from the ecumenical councils of the church. These really do help us to be prepared for all of our life.

Thank you for your sharing. May God always bless you. Merry Christmas, and enjoy Mary Mother of God.

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