God bless you. Today we celebrate the 5th Sunday of ordinary time. We also remember St Paul Miki SJ Martyr, SS. Gonzalo Garcia, Peter Baptista Franciscans, Martyrs with St Paul Miki and other companions in Nagasaki, Japan.

The Gospel in todays Vigil is from St Luke 24: 35-53. A story about Jesus time with the apostles from the resurrection to the accession. The gospel for Mass is from St Luke 5: 1-11, They Left Everything and Followed Him. Jesus came up upon a boat and asked to be taken out a little to sea to teach the crowd. After Jesus instructed the boat to go out to the deep and put the nets out for a catch. The fisher men objected but obeyed. Instead of catching nothing as they did all night the net was so full it was tearing and they had to ask their friends in another boat for help. The two boats were so full they almost sank. Simon fell to his knees and asked Jesus to leave for he is a sinful man. Jesus invites them to follow him and to become fishers of men.

The scriptural reading in Vigil and Laud is from Saint Paul's letter to the Galatians 1: 1-12, Paul's Gospel. St Paul writes to the Galatians that they only have to believe what he has taught them, and not other versions of the Good News that were being taught by other men.

The spiritual reading is from and explanation of Paul's letter to the Galatians by St Bishop Augustine, let Us Understand the Workings of God's Grace. it is a rare occurrence that this reading is not explaining the Gospel of the Mass. But in this case the scriptural reading in Vigil and Laud. It is explaining the addition to the Good News shared by St Paul and the following of the Law most notably the circumcision of males. For sin is taken away only by the gift of faith that works through love, already received by the Galatians.

There is a second spiritual reading. From an account of the martyrdom of Saint Paul Miki and his companions, by a contemporary writer, You Shall Be My Witnesses.

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