Does anybody here do / verse mapping / inductive studies?

I ordered two Catholic books today, from the "Catholic truth Society" today: the Little Prayer Book, and the Latin Mass in English and Latin. I'll post pics when they arrive. It's kind of funny and ironic. My grandad supported the "Protestant Truth Society". I suspect he would be horrified.

I use a Canterbury Church Book and Desk Diary which includes daily readings, collects and details of saints days. I was surprised to note isn't listed.

Considering the life of Joseph today in the portion

Obviously, in this story there was a plan and a purpose and it all worked out for good.

But in real life, honestly, I can't square the circle of a good God, who is in control, who also allows SO MUCH suffering. 😕

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I like this young guy's (Br. Casey Cole, OFM) simple, well presented messages. This one is on not letting the season pass us by:

It's a bit of a challenge to find specific music for rather than Christmas.
Are there any recommendations?

What devotional books/ reading resources do you recommend for ?

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If you are a composer of church music and you are not a man, you may be interested in my side project, Cecilia's List:

If you are an organist/director of music/person who makes decisions about church music, you may also be interested regardless of your gender!


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I compose sacred and secular choral music, and put it online under a CC by-SA license so choirs can sing it for free!

Publishers won't touch my work because I won't let them prohibit photocopying, so I need support from people like you.

My Patreon is

I have other options for people who prefer them:

Thank you so much!


Whoops I keep pressing the wrong buttons! 😄

I'm not Catholic, but spent a short time within Anglicanism which opened my world up to the wider church.

My background was fundamentalist evangelicalism. There is also a Jewish family connection which led me into MJ.

I'm still in the process of deconstructing from my former beliefs.

I'm now increasingly liberal but love set prayer and liturgy.

I have other, less religious accounts on other instances, but I thought I would join here to chat about the spiritual life. — a friendly social networking space for those with an interest in Catholicism.