Read the works of Erik Varden, a Norwegian Trappist monk, last week. Written for a general audience. I’d describe them as reflections from an intensely inward-looking and analytical person, sensitive to life’s cruelties, striving to live by principles. He’s well read in Russian literature and has an interest in classical music, so I found several recommendations for future reading and listening from it. It’s the sort of work you’re glad to read because you can get to know a person who you’d seldom meet in the course of living—I’m unlikely ever to be at a dinner party with a Trappist monk!

What have you all read recently by authors you found interesting or had a connection with?

Happy to meet you all!
I recently finished & enjoyed St Therese's autobiography & Simone Weil's Gravity and Grace. Though Simone Weil remained an outsider to the church, there are many parallels between their writings, such as the abyss of love, abandonment to God, self-diminishment so that God may become all.
Any other admirers of Simone Weil here? Or, in this vein of mystical autobiographical writings of principles put into practice, what other works have you all enjoyed? — a friendly social networking space for those with an interest in Catholicism.