Hi everyone, it's been a while sinçe I've stopped by - what have I missed?

Last night I submitted an assignment which I'm not sure will pass... Went to bed trying to remind myself that whatever happens, God will use it to His glory.

I thought Fr Mike Schmitz's video on the sex abuse in the church was very well done - in times of crisis, don't leave the church, LEAD the church (by becoming a saint).

In today's gospel (23rd), who do you interpret the man without a wedding garment as representing?


A serious question: I'm Anglican, but was baptised and confirmed Catholic, am I able to receive the sacrament of Confession in the Catholic church?

In times of adversity, remember, you are called to be a Saint!

Recently discovered St Peter Damian: "About 1050, during the pontificate of Pope Leo IX, he wrote a scathing treatise on the vices of the clergy, including sexual abuse of minors and actions by church superiors to hide the crimes. Liber Gomorrhianus was openly addressed to the pope." en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_

Hi @George and everyone else. Glad to have found you - this is my first time using mastodon. Looking forward to helping grow this instance.


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