Last night I submitted an assignment which I'm not sure will pass... Went to bed trying to remind myself that whatever happens, God will use it to His glory.

@rmaffeo Michael Ruse is an atheist philosopher, but not a 'New Atheist', and John Lennox is an Irish/British mathematician and apologist.

@rmaffeo [Unbelievable] John Lennox vs Michael Ruse: Science, faith and the evidence for God

@rmaffeo were you listening to the 'Unbelievable' discussion between John Lennox and Michael Ruse?

@peepingThomist I see what you mean. Would you still say though, that homosexuality is part of the problem, irrespective of the qualifiers of it being "pervasive [and] nearly un-closeted"?

@peepingThomist Yes, I realised that after I wrote. The sentence I didn't understand was: "If pervasive, nearly-uncloseted homosexuality in the preisthood were the primary cause of the current crisis, it would not be the true that for hundreds of years there have been institutional cover-ups for clerical sexual abuse."

@peepingThomist I don't quite follow, could you reword the first sentence?

@mikel That's intense. Reminds me of some of Fr Ripperger's sermons.

I thought Fr Mike Schmitz's video on the sex abuse in the church was very well done - in times of crisis, don't leave the church, LEAD the church (by becoming a saint).

@peepingThomist No, but I'm aware of the Ordinariate. I'm sure there would be one here somewhere.

@mikel Why not come home? That's a good question, brother! I'm not sure I have the answer to that or that it will not happen in future. I pray for the reunification of the Anglican and Roman churches. I have applied for a year of discernment to start my path towards ordination so I will definitely be thinking through this very carefully. I'm still relatively new to this diocese and am yet to find a confessor in the Anglican church (the sacrament is not commonly offered regularly).

@sobercatholic Thanks - yeah, I'm afraid that by remaining Anglican and receiving confession, I'd be trying to have my cake and eat it too, so to speak, even though I'm not protestant, and I believe what the church teaches about confession (to the best of my knowledge).

@George Thanks. Yes, I think I'd better talk to a priest.

In today's gospel (23rd), who do you interpret the man without a wedding garment as representing?

A serious question: I'm Anglican, but was baptised and confirmed Catholic, am I able to receive the sacrament of Confession in the Catholic church?

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