... Let's pray for him, his friends, his church and us!
Robert Cardinal Sarah, if you recognize my remarks, please pray for a good end of the Fulda meeting! God bless you!
@ George : Please share this message wherever you can, it is a case of urgency! Thank you for this!

In Germany, we actually have the fall meeting of our bishops in Fulda whose majority looks for a shism by denying everything our former popes did teach. They want the end of celibacy, women priests, free divorce, free homosexuality and so on.
My hero is Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki, Archbishop of (2000 year old, roman foundet) Cologne, at river Rhine who is fighting for our values. ...

@Pantheon I am a German (living there), Catholic, married, father of two and in my fifties. Reason for being here: Standing altogether as Catholics under pressure, partly from within our own church. I wish everybody a peaceful and blessed Dominica in albis!


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