The search-function in mastodon does not work in my app. I tried another one which worked one time and no more.

Is mastodon "sensible" with regard to statements and opinions? Just a question.

Peter, the search function works in the web app. It's possible the app you are using has not kept-up with the API. You might, as an experiment, try the same searches on each to compare.

Like all social media, the statements and opinions seen anywhere in the federverse (including Mastodon) are those of the person posting them. It does cluster somewhat based on the nature of their home instances. My experience is that the vast majority are fairly reasonable folks.

@George @Pantheon

Hello George, now it works. It was the app. Thanks, Peter

@Pantheon I'm having trouble with the search function, too. One app, two accounts in two different instances, it only works on one instance.

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