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Hello George, now it works. It was the app. Thanks, Peter

The search-function in mastodon does not work in my app. I tried another one which worked one time and no more.

Is mastodon "sensible" with regard to statements and opinions? Just a question.


But Pope Francis made it happen to open them again. Better would be being clear and straight from the beginning. In any other case, misunderstandings will follow.

I still hope to see our priests spending hope, sacraments and the Eucharist to those needing it at the at most, like us.

Take a cross, go on the street and invite the people to follow!

I wish you all - to be honest also my family and me - healthy times, some luck and HIS blessing!

@kuketzblog Ob das die Probleme wirklich löst, oder doch wieder nur "Symbolpolitik" ist?

Leute, natürlich kann man alles kaputt reden. Man mag sich in der gerade angesagten Wohlfühlblase suhlen, haftet aber eben nicht für die Folgen. Kost' halt nix!
Werdet endlich erwachsen...


Für mich war es vorher besser, einfacher und klarer.

Let's fight for Rome! Rome is our's! We will - whatever may come - not allow any pagan regime. Perhaps I grew up too close to the former German border (to the " German Democratic Republic"). No repetition!

The Amazon Synod is over now. I bet that "viri probati" will come. The german bishops Marx and Overbeck are having a lots of wind on their back.

Who explains them the consequences of throwing away 2000 years because "everything has changed" and "we have to be aligned with the modern world? Being integral part of a supranational system has never been what Christianity means.

God may be with us!

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Over the last days I was in the Croation town Dubrovnik, really medieval, in a real catholic country.

Nice days with nice right and clear thinking people.

I'll hope this will last, despite of the western ideological media pressure.

The people there know about "Home". They fought a Homeland War, some - not even - 30 years ago!

Tell me, why there are so many (US-) tourists in that town, created only by those old and ridicolous beliefs?

@chrisdash @George

Exactly, the German way shall lead the pope to further and radical changes. These bishops are still too arrogant to let the pope lead the process.

To be honest: it is this attitude which makes me hopeful! In every revolution, the most active leaders go their own way, create their own sub groups and have more disagreement. It makes them weak! Let's pray for their disagreement on that way. It will prevent the schism.

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I think the Germans (esp. Card. Kasper, Marx and Overbeck) want to make the path for the whole church. After amoris laetetia the amazon synod shall open the window for viri probati, the other items (LGBT ...) will be quoted, but not more.

The german "Synodal Path" will need about two years and open the window for the other items. A merger with the protestant church may be - PF knows that - the most dangerous point with regard to shism. The Germans are really determined.

@chrisdash @George

Hello Chris, sorry for the late answer. Germany is a post-christian country and the rest is under a giant media pressure to bring the church under political control. Some german bishops are actually doing that from within ("Synodal Path"). Our church shall merge with the protestant to a kind of "german-national-church".

The best is to read what Maike Hickson (a native German) writes on lifesitenews. She's very good connected and knows a lot. Everything is true!


To be honest, things will be havier. The Pope wants the same as the Germans want, but the way of our bishop means shism because they want to have it all and they want it now.

Therefore, the Pope lets Tornielli declare, that viri probati will come, but for the entire world. Our brothers in the orthodox church will legitimate it because they have it all the time.

The calculation is that conservatives will not leave the church because of this. If they do, they are shismatics...

... Let's pray for him, his friends, his church and us!
Robert Cardinal Sarah, if you recognize my remarks, please pray for a good end of the Fulda meeting! God bless you!
@ George : Please share this message wherever you can, it is a case of urgency! Thank you for this!

In Germany, we actually have the fall meeting of our bishops in Fulda whose majority looks for a shism by denying everything our former popes did teach. They want the end of celibacy, women priests, free divorce, free homosexuality and so on.
My hero is Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki, Archbishop of (2000 year old, roman foundet) Cologne, at river Rhine who is fighting for our values. ...


Ich benutze SimpleEmail, ein Fork von FairEMail. Habe - anständig, wie ich bin - für FairEMail die PRO-Fassung bezahlt, bin aber mit dem Fork derzeit glücklicher. Wer es sich leisten kann, sollte für FairEMail trotzdem etwa bezahlen, die Arbeit macht schließlich einer.

Was fehlt, ist und bleibt S/Mime!

@George Whoever knows about the family I come from will understand our LORD's word to its deepest ground. When there is no ground to grow, one starts thinking of HIM and his salvation. Thank you very much Benedikt XVI. and Rainer Maria Kardinal Woelki, Erzbischof von Köln!

@George Sorry for my crazy behaviour. Now I changed the app, problem should be resolved.

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