Different headlines for the same story speak loudly.

Foxnews.com: SCOTUS tosses victory to high school football coach who lost his job over 50-yard-line prayer

Cnn.com: Supreme Court further erodes separation between church and state

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"Trump in 2016: I will put 2-3 judges on the Supreme Court and we will overturn Roe v Wade"


The American Diabetes Association doesn’t care about curing diabetes; it provides them with endless income. They already know type 2 diabetes is reversible in the vast majority of cases. Their promises to “one day” find a pharmaceutical, easy-fix "cure for diabetes” are empty.

Such a cure would be like finding a medical cure for black eyes. But we don’t try to cure recurring black eyes through awareness campaigns, support groups, hosting 5K runs, or publishing feel-good brochures on coping with black eyes. No, we simply avoid all known activities that lead to black eyes — things like getting punched in the face. Your body will heal if you stop abusing it.

Anyone who has ever watched 15 minutes’ worth of YouTube videos on the topic knows type 2 diabetes is reversed by eliminating sugar, grains, and processed foods from one's diet. Add intermittent fasting to that, and the healing process goes into hyper speed. I reversed my diabetes this way in less than three months, by eating a big low-carb, high-fat meal once a day, with occasional longer fasts (e.g., no-food Fridays).

No one should ever give money to the ADA. It's a scam.

You don’t need to be an international spy or a criminal to demand in your digital communication. Use encrypted email (if you need to use email). Use encrypted, privacy-oriented messengers.

You might think you don’t write very interesting texts, so it doesn’t concern you. But would you show a stranger all your SMS texts? Would you send copies of all your emails to be published on the Web for anyone to see? Would it bother you if the USPS demanded all letters be sent in clear envelopes with the writing facing outwards?

I’m aware of men calling themselves transwomen who compete in women’s sports and dominate their opponents.

I heard that was not unfair because even biological females are born with different body types and sizes that give them advantages over other biological females.

But has this ever happened the other way around — women calling themselves transmen who compete in men’s sports and dominate their opponents?

I get irritable with the noise of the world’s insanity. Sometimes you just have to go fishing, or take your dog for a walk in the park, or eat buttered stovetop popcorn while watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie and drinking a beer.

True Story: I had a Labrador named Caleb who l liked to eat “people food,” and when the family would sit in the living room to watch a movie, Caleb would set his hip up on the sofa so it looked like he was sitting human style.

Was he a human?

Yes, if we trust Caleb’s judgment, if Caleb was “part of the family,” and if we believe a human is any creature who identified as a human.

If you question that, you are being malignant and harmful.

While incredulous politicians question why anyone would ever want high-powered AR-15-style weapons, my question is: “Why don’t I have one?”

For now I have to be content with my shotgun and concealed 15-round pistol.

I received an email that begins with “Woot! Woot! We ROCK!!”

I see “Woot! Woot!” sometimes in informal written communications, but I don’t know what that is supposed to sound like when spoken. Do people actually say, “Woot! Woot!”

I don’t understand the perverted, nearly illiterate critics of Christians.

When it comes to homosexuality, they like to say so-and-so takes passages from Leviticus and parts of the New Testament “literally.”

Do they honestly think that “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination” is a metaphor? Is it a line of poetry that actually means, “Do whatever feels good”?

Or do they also take “Love thy neighbor as thyself” as a metaphor to mean the opposite of what it says?

Did they never learn critical reading skills? Do they even read? Think?

When people say “this is my truth” or “that is your truth,” in the spirit of Matt Walsh (and Pontius Pilate) we should ask, “What is truth?” I think what they mean is their perception, which is distinct from truth.

I believe Aristotle’s definition of “truth” is that which corresponds to reality. But even there you have people who will ask, “Whose reality?”


When I see a healthcare organization speak about their “Diabetic Educators,” it makes me want to help those teachers reverse their diabetes. Maybe they should be called “Diabetes Educators.”

We never speak about our seventh-grade “Historic Teacher” or high school “Scientific Teacher.”

I’m not gay, but I’m reading the newest book by Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura on the Little House on the Prairie television series. My wife and I have been watching the episodes in order from the beginning on weekends.

I’m only at the first few chapters of the book so far, and I’m interested in the thrust of her book — the story of her finding a simpler life, living in an actual little house on a prairie. It’s just that I am so turned off by her anti-conservative, pro-sodomy, contractural-marriage, anti-Christian God perspective. She’s not the sweet little Half Pint she is as a child on the show.

I posted on LinkedIn today, and found myself editing the post numerous times after it was online. And I just did it again.

Latest example: I wrote about a motivational speaker who came “to discuss the topic of safety.”

There’s nothing wrong with that, but why shouldn’t it just read, “to discuss safety”? The words “the topic of” don’t serve a purpose. Or, instead of “the topic of safety,” it could be “the importance of safety.”

I saw an interview with Dean Koontz wherein he said he rewrites and prunes each page 10 to 20 times before advancing to the next. I think his writing is beautiful. He’s a master of the fundamentals with a knack for the poetic.

This liver was fully functioning inside its owner -- a local grass fed and finished Holstein steer -- less than two weeks ago.

It made for an extra nutritious breakfast this morning. Thank you, "White Triangle Head."

From Tremt Horn's podcast:

Watch "How to have conversations about LGBT issues during "Pride month"" on YouTube

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast: a pound or so of grass-fed, grass-finished beef liver with onions, pan fried in bacon grease!

Today I discovered Cryptpad.fr. It’s a collaborative suite somewhat like Google Docs, except it requires no personal ID, no phone number, no email address. Just a username and password. And everything is fully encrypted.

I’m so over Big Tech. Their services are not indispensable. No need to subject yourself to their invasion of your privacy.

I agree with Henry at Techlore, who said that software developers ought to feature privacy by default in their applications.

We Catholics observe Pentecost *not* because it’s in the Law of Moses as a harvest festival, but because it’s a feast that the Church observes for its Christian significance, marking the end of the Easter season and the descent of the Holy Ghost.

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