I'm sure if someone had a stash of these, he could make some good money.

All that is sold in stores these days are the environmentally regulated ones that guarantee lots of spillage.

I would totally shop the Dark Web if someone had an online store selling these. (A perfect use for Monero!)

I cooked up all this fat to eat throughout the week.


Just wanted to lose some extra weight in a healthy way.

On Day 3 of my Spam & Pickles diet. Was still able to leg press 15 reps at 590 lbs.

I'll be doing a cut on Spam and pickles for a couple weeks.

I'm not sure why they advertise a tiger who is able to stand on one leg in a puddle of pee. But they seem to do well as a company.

This liver was fully functioning inside its owner -- a local grass fed and finished Holstein steer -- less than two weeks ago.

It made for an extra nutritious breakfast this morning. Thank you, "White Triangle Head."

I asked my wife if she thought my arms were a'peeling.

My grossly mistaken Archbishop illustrates how people can equate murdering babies in the womb with not being a good environmentalist or not supporting stricter gun control laws or not making health care more accessible. Shouldn’t we treat these all the same since they’re all “life issues”?


“Life issues” loses its meaning if it incorporates all that.

It’s a mortal sin to promote baby killing, which means you can’t receive the Eucharist worthily. In this case, receiving the Eucharist is not healing, but damning.

By the way, it’s not a mortal sin to not to use the blue recycle bucket.

My wife and planted garden right after fencing it. We'll see how it turns out. It's our first time.

I was on a roll showing my Monero wallet to a 30-year-old dame I work with. (I created a separate wallet that I call “Demo,” so I don’t have to worry about showing how much I have in there. I put a small amount in it for demonstration purposes only.)

I reminded her that she’s not afraid to scan a QR code to use her Venmo app for making transactions, so I showed her the simple interface of my Monero wallet, how you click “Receive” to receive and “Send” to send, and that the easiest way to send is by scanning a QR code. I showed her how it works. I gave her examples of real-use cases, like how I pay for my VPN by going to its web site and scanning its code and typing how much I want to pay. I told her about coincards dot com, where you can anonymously buy gift cards for restaurants and stores of all kinds.

I explained its transactions are between me and the other person, with no one in between. But when she uses Venmo, I said, she’s really using the app to ask a favor of her bank: “Would you please take this much money out of my account and send it to the other person’s bank account so he could have access to those funds?” This is very unlike the private, one-to-one nature of a Monero transaction.

I could tell she thought it was kind of cool — and I was happy to help however I could — but then she took the wind of my sails, dismissing the whole thing, by saying, “Well, I use a credit union. At least that’s better than using a bank, I think.”


If anyone here keeps crypto on an exchange, like Coinbase (!!!), get your crypto into your OWN wallet — apart from any online exchange. If Coinbase were to file for bankruptcy, you could lose what you think you have. Remember: If you let someone else keep your crypto, you don’t own it!

If you have Bitcoin with an online exchange, send it to your own wallet (cakewallet.com), and then use it to buy Monero. When more people wake up to understand the need for privacy in digital currency, Monero’s price will blow up. (At the moment it’s dirt cheap!) Too many people right now are ignorant. Thinking they’re cool and cutting edge, they follow establishment investor advice like sheep, and they will get sheared.

Listen to me now and hear me later and understand me sometime next week.

She would have been the perfect portrayal of Satan in the movie The Passion of the Christ.

Why offer the third choice for a "personalized diet plan"? Does nutrition work differently for a regular dude versus a dude who pretends he's a dame?

On the left, that's going to be where we will be trying a garden this summer. Takes a lot of work to grow food that doesn't even taste like meat, but it can still keep us alive.

I hear people extolling the idea of having “Church at Home,” saying how that’s how the Early Church did it.

But they don’t seem to realize that when the early Christians had Church at home, it was to celebrate the Eucharist, and a priest ordained by an apostle or a bishop had to be there to do it.

If you think "Church at Home” means a weekend hangout in your PJs, reading your Bible, singing, or watching a video sermon, you’re not following the footsteps of the Church Jesus established.

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