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While my bio pretty much says it all, I'll expand on it a little bit.

I'm a practicing Catholic, a pilgrim on the journey to sanctification. Some of my favorite parts of the faith include: the saints, Marian devotion, the intellectual tradition of the church, and church history.

I have a beautiful, supportive and loving wife who helps me be a better man every day. I'm constantly amazed at what a blessing my marriage has been.

I have a dog, Aspen, who looks like a potato when she curls up to sleep.

Another one of my main interests is in technology, specifically linux and cybersecurity. One day I hope to work in a SOC or in another security role. Currently I'm studying for the CompTIA A+ exam.

I like playing ctfs in my free time as well, although that's been in short supply lately.

Also things I like: baseball (Yankees), football (Titans), studying languages, Lord of The Rings, playing guitar.

Hoping the Braves take the World Series this year. They deserve it for more reasons than one.

Been on a bit of a reading kick lately. Just finished up DUNE for the second time in preparation for what is hopefully a good movie, and now I'm reading Wise Blood by Flannery O'Connor. Anybody reading anything good at the moment?

My wife got me the Ubiquiti Dream Machine for our anniversary. This is a game changer for my current home network. Right now we just have a little google WiFi Router that has one Ethernet port.

Saw this article regarding the US, UK, and AU forming an alliance against China's rising power. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it's good that western countries are starting to see China as a legitimate threat, on the other it seems like a good excuse to start expanding surveillance and spying on its own citizens. Especially considering the way Australia is moving now.

BREAKING: U.S. To Announce New Group With Two Other Nations Aimed At Countering China’s Rise, Report Says

Shout out to @dasgeek for the follow. Big fan of DLN, I end up learning something new every episode.

I struggle with the desire to live 10 years in the future and 10 years in the past as far as technology goes.

@jforseth210 I saw a while back you made your own pleroma instance. How was that process? I might mess around with it as a side project.

In a welcome turn of events, my internship has steered more towards Linux administration. Just stood up my first server for a real production environment today.

Moved off of arch and back to Parrot KDE. Arch was too bleeding edge and my I didn’t know enough to fix all the little problems. I think I was most productive with Parrot, and I really like Debian based distros anyway.

I need to run my raspberry pi in bridged mode to be able to get an Ethernet cable to my server without running one through the entire apartment. Anybody have any experience with this? I found some tutorials, but I wondering if anybody else had done this.

Was able to snag a server today at work. Suggestions for uses welcome. I’m thinking of booting proxmox or ESXi on it playing with VMs. I’d like to have an AD environment, some kind of file sharing solution (Nextcloud possibly), and a VPN.

I need a workout routine. I think the reason I’ve been so sporadic about going is because I don’t have any order to what I do things. Also, I’m mildly embarrassed by my lack of workout knowledge so that doesn’t help.

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of using a tiling window manager. I may give qtile a go since it’s written in python and I’m trying to improve my python skills anyway.

Watching the Matrix. Forgot how good it was. The concept, the music, the fight choreography. All incredible. It may be cheesy at times, but I don’t even care.

Managed to get my CompTIA A+ today. While it may be the first cert of many, I’ve been working really hard for over a year toward making a career move into tech and it’s all starting to pay off.

Started my internship this week. I’ll be dealing with sys admin stuff for the most part, and it appears that the department needs a Windows Server admin more than anything. Does anybody have any good resources for learning some Microsoft Server administration?

My wife and I were in the market for a streaming device. After some research we decided to give the Nvidia Shield Pro a try. It was terrible. Peacock TV, our main streaming service, didn’t work unless a VPN was running and was unreasonably bad in quality when it did work. Not to mention the generally lag of the OS and google ads being shoved down our throats. We returned it and snagged an appleTV. It worked perfectly out of the box. I hate that I can’t seem to get outside apple’s ecosystem.

Storms in the Midwest are my favorite part of living in the Midwest.

I’ve read a good amount of the classics over the years but I never read Beowulf. I decided to give it a shot with the Heaney translation just the other day. While I’m not too far in, my two favorite things so far are the focus on virtue and the pagan vs. Christian worldview.

Does anybody know if Nvidia works with Wayland yet? I read somewhere that it wasn’t going to be supported until the summer but then I heard in a podcast that it already works.

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