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While my bio pretty much says it all, I'll expand on it a little bit.

I'm a practicing Catholic, a pilgrim on the journey to sanctification. Some of my favorite parts of the faith include: the saints, Marian devotion, the intellectual tradition of the church, and church history.

I have a beautiful, supportive and loving wife who helps me be a better man every day. I'm constantly amazed at what a blessing my marriage has been.

I have a dog, Aspen, who looks like a potato when she curls up to sleep.

Another one of my main interests is in technology, specifically linux and cybersecurity. One day I hope to work in a SOC or in another security role. Currently I'm studying for the CompTIA A+ exam.

I like playing ctfs in my free time as well, although that's been in short supply lately.

Also things I like: baseball (Yankees), football (Titans), studying languages, Lord of The Rings, playing guitar.

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of using a tiling window manager. I may give qtile a go since it’s written in python and I’m trying to improve my python skills anyway.

Watching the Matrix. Forgot how good it was. The concept, the music, the fight choreography. All incredible. It may be cheesy at times, but I don’t even care.

Managed to get my CompTIA A+ today. While it may be the first cert of many, I’ve been working really hard for over a year toward making a career move into tech and it’s all starting to pay off.

Started my internship this week. I’ll be dealing with sys admin stuff for the most part, and it appears that the department needs a Windows Server admin more than anything. Does anybody have any good resources for learning some Microsoft Server administration?

My wife and I were in the market for a streaming device. After some research we decided to give the Nvidia Shield Pro a try. It was terrible. Peacock TV, our main streaming service, didn’t work unless a VPN was running and was unreasonably bad in quality when it did work. Not to mention the generally lag of the OS and google ads being shoved down our throats. We returned it and snagged an appleTV. It worked perfectly out of the box. I hate that I can’t seem to get outside apple’s ecosystem.

Storms in the Midwest are my favorite part of living in the Midwest.

I’ve read a good amount of the classics over the years but I never read Beowulf. I decided to give it a shot with the Heaney translation just the other day. While I’m not too far in, my two favorite things so far are the focus on virtue and the pagan vs. Christian worldview.

Does anybody know if Nvidia works with Wayland yet? I read somewhere that it wasn’t going to be supported until the summer but then I heard in a podcast that it already works.

Heard a good homily this morning on not taking the Eucharist for granted. It’s always good to have a reminder of how vital it is us as Catholics.

God is good, I got an IT infrastructure internship for the summer and I couldn’t be more excited.

I installed windows on a machine the other day in order to better acquaint myself with it for the A+ as well as for any future job. I have two initial thoughts. The first is that I think it’s borderline criminal that they make you buy a pro license to be able to encrypt your hard drive, the second is that I constantly feel like I’m being watched whenever I use it.

Politics (MLB) 

Really disappointed in MLB for getting involved in politics by moving the All-Star game out of ATL. Especially since it was because of some lies spread by a few partisan people. Baseball is the only sport I really care about and now I feel like I shouldn’t support it or give it my time if they just cave to the mob. I hope the Braves make to the WS just to piss off MLB.

Went to Stations of the Cross last night for Good Friday. I’ve always thought Pilate’s question to Jesus “Quid est veritas?” was such an interesting, profound, and ironic question. It’s really stuck with me over the years.

Kali Linux had the best April Fools joke I saw today with

I kind of want to watch Godzilla vs. Kong but I haven’t seen any of the other related movies since Peter Jackson’s King Kong which I did like even though it was like 3 hours long.

Ended up having two interviews for two different IT positions in my company. I think they went well, but only time will tell.

Got my first IT interview lined up for next week. It’s a networking/ server admin internship at the company I work for now. Pray for me, I’m really nervous about it already, but I’m glad my resume looked interesting enough to get this far.

Tried to fix my buddy’s iPhone 8 Plus screen. Fixed the screen but now the ear speaker doesn’t work. Whoops lol. Back to eBay for some iPhone parts.

Trying to figure out backups for my laptop running arch. I have time shift and btrfs setup but I’d like a remote backup as well. Open to suggestions.

Posting this from a pinephone running mobian. After hearing about the pinephone compatible gtk spotify client I was excited to try out the pinephone again. I have a slightly slower than normal pinephone since I got a UBports CE, but I'm still very impressed with the amount of progress that's been made. Not quite daily driver ready for me, but at this rate I think I could switch to something by the end of the year.

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