Probably gonna close this account soon bc I never use it lolol

It's truly amazing to me how the system was able to psyop women into the "career is better than family" meme. Careers are fucking awful and most people hate them, "the patriarchy" of old wasn't preventing you from engaging in them out of malice, but out of sympathy, because you didn't have to engage in the daily grind of working for a living and shouldn't have unless you were left with no choice. You think it was a shackle but it was really a shield, and the hordes of miserable 4th wave feminists, careerists, and dead eggers, all coping about their long dried up ovaries should be proof positive of this fact.
today i got stuff to do on this sunday think you God for letting me see sunday

Amazing how we all collectively accepted the outsourcing of boy bands to South Korea.

Unarmed, they courageously put themselves on the front lines to say Mass, offer pastoral care for active and wounded soldiers, and provide last rites for the dying and prayers for those killed.
Photo: Father (Major) Edward J. Waters, Catholic Chaplain from Oswego, New York, conducts Divine Services on a pier for members of the first assault troops thrown against Hitler’s forces on the continent. Weymouth, England., 06/06/1944 (U.S. National Archives)

nazis be like "you fallen for the Jewish propaganda!!1" then proceed to fall for Hitlers propaganda lmao

Haven't even looked at my website in a good month. Finals really do consume a man's life...

Do you use Google Chrome? You may wish to rethink that.

Google, being Google, is launching a broad new effort () to track you, the websites you visit, the places you shop, your likes/dislikes, and much more. Naturally they obfuscate this but the bottom line is this particularly invasive technology requires your browser to participate. Only Google Chrome does so. Most other browser vendors are appalled.

This is NOT opt-in. You need to jump through obscure hoops to avoid it, or simply avoid Google Chrome (and ideally everything Google) like the plague. has already blocked this tracking, even if you use Chrome (but please don't).

Read more:

I wonder how long it will be until Chrome runs systemd inside it.

Been a while since I tooted. That's a terrible term for a post, by the way.

BREAKING: The Texas state Senate has passed a bill banning abortions when an unborn baby's heart begins beating.

Keep the good news coming

Covid mask mandates are officially "lifted" in Texas, and yet:

- All public buildings still require them
- All schools still require them
- All businesses still require them
- All libraries still require them
- Most churches still require them
- All public events still follow the stupid social distancing guidelines

What was even the point? I think this phenomenon highlights how much more of an impact corporations and NGOs have on our lives. Absolutely ridiculous.

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