@JoshuaRystedt I checked out your website, cool stuff. While I don't have a need for such services right now, it looks like you do an amazing job for your clients.

My difficulty is trying to figure out where the line between "doing something for fun" and "trying too hard to be popular" is.

For example, I don't want to spend tons of time on social media just because I produce game YouTube videos. It's a weird balance.

Do I want it to grow? Sure! Do I want to put a ton of effort into marketing it? Not really. :)


There is great inexpensive video program for Catholic men called Rise. I wasn't as devoted as I could have been going through it but, it definitely has some great content.

Well worth checking out for Lent!


Yes, it is only 30 days vs. the 40 of Lent but, well worth exploring.

Anyone looking forward to Meat Island Thursday?

Meat Island Thursday = Day between Ash Wednesday and the first Friday of Lent.

A meat-eating day surrounded by 2 non-meat-eating days.

@adam Here is the actual text of the proposed bill the EFF emailed people about yesterday, because they don't link to it.


In short, this is a protect children online bill, which on the surface doesn't appear bad, until you discover that the committee makes recommendations, those recommendations must be enforced by ISPs within 1 year and there is no say by the FCC or Congress. Essentially, it would be a body that could make unilateral decisions about online communications.

I'm all for protecting kids online. I have 2 different filtering and tracking software to make sure my son doesn't get into dangerous areas.

I'm not OK with any body being able to just tell ISPs what to do without any oversight.

@adam I guess you never know what will happen on a show day... SIGH

Started doing Strive 21 yesterday. So far it is a great program.

If you are a Catholic man and struggle with lust/porn issues, definitely check it out! Right now the program is free thanks to a generous underwriter of some kind.


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

@adam Here is a link to the non-binding "Contract for the Web" Tim Berners-Lee just came out with.

I believe this is a "does the opposite of what it says" kind of document given the acceptance and promotion by tech companies:

☕ I accidentally got myself an 8oz cup of coffee instead of an 11oz cup this morning. ☕

Hello Everyone,

i was away on vacation and also dealing with the (mostly positive) fallout from The 13th Doll game releasing on Halloween.

How have things been for everyone?

Was happy to finally launch The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest on Halloween! It's been a long journey.

If you like old-school FMV/Puzzle games, it is definitely worth checking out. Currently available on GOG and Steam!

I'm reading one of Richard Dawkins's books. While some of his ideas are interesting, they don't seem to be an obstacle to my faith.

Maybe it's because he comes across as completely condescending. Maybe it is also because of the very broad brush he paints with, completely missing the details that make religions different from each other.

Going through the process of switching to Covenant Eyes for accountability and filtering.

It's ironic given my concerns about privacy lately. I allow people to see blurred screenshots of my activity and a history of my browsing.

However, I've had a long history with temptation and lust. Sometimes privacy is something you willingly give up in order to gain freedom from something else.

Just curious, what technologies, apps, etc. do you use to keep communication and browsing data private online?

Where do you draw the line between convenience and privacy?

I'm just trying to find a good middle ground at this point. I need to communicate with people and browse the web but, I also know how much data the big tech companies get about us on a regular basis.

Just started listening to No More Christian Nice Guy. Hoping to get some insights to help me with being up-front about my thoughts and feelings, etc instead of aiming to please others.

@Cade_One Sorry I haven't gotten back to you re: the board game convention as of yet. Tanya and I are still talking/thinking.

Conventions/social events are not really a strong suit for us. However, we do often vacation in western PA so, there still might be something do-able there.

This is a very exciting and stressful time in my life. I've acted as a supporting member of the Attic Door Productions team producing The 13th Dol: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest for 9+ years!

The game is finally launching this Halloween! It's been a long and hard journey for Attic Door, a team of 7 on and off members building and testing the game in addition to their full-time jobs, etc.

If interested, please give the game a look by visiting the13thdoll.com and wishlist it on Steam!

Started watching Unplanned tonight. It's available on Hoopla Digital through many libraries. Was initially cynical because it is a lower budget Christian film, and even as a devout Catholic I have a hard time buying into their message.

Not so with Unplanned. Some of the acting isn't great and some of the music doesn't fit but, the movie itself is gripping.

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"Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves." - Philippians 2:3 KJV

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Michael: Who is like God?

Lucifer: grghwlydskhs

Michael: What's that? I can't understand you with my foot down your throat.

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