Crisis Magazine also has an interesting piece this morning from Paul Kengor on Karl Marx. Marx is the fountain from which leftists drink. Worth the read.

In recent times the left has demoted the "free exercise of religion" to a private, hidden "freedom to worship" which is to have no place in the public sphere. "Catholic" politicians on the left take that position to justify their support and promotion of abortion, gender fluidity, "marriage", sexual immorality, etc. It is the first step. The next step in Marx' world is the complete abolition of religion.


@George Part of the problem is US kids are over-educated & under-skilled. They spend big money on college learning history, sociology, women's studies, etc. They graduate with no actual job skills & brains filled with fluff info that cannot get them a job. So they create jobs in activism because no skills are required other than a voice and standing in a crowd. They do not have skills to create solutions. Solutions come from experience. Plus, college campuses are being forced to restrict free speech because of an Obama/Biden campus policy on sex discrimination. It states sex harassment w/ verbal comments – does not have to be a repeated offense – is subject to off-campus activity as well. So if someone is offended once by hearing something they deem inappropriate, they can sue the school. That being said, Millennials have grown up in environments where they were protected from ideas they do not agree with.
What can the church do? Teach resilience, courage, and compassion more than social justice. Explain the value of noncognitive skills - character traits like persistence, self-control, curiosity, grit, and selfconfidence. They determine life-long success, not a college degree.

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@christine I agree.

Our education system has devolved to a focus on indoctrination more than neutral, objective learning. Perhaps its biggest failure is not teaching students how to critically think for themselves. The focus is conformity makes ideal subjects for totalitarian socialist / communist government.

As to social justice, it unfortunately has become a vague term that can mean almost opposite things (like so many other words that have been redefined). Specifically, the Church's meaning of social justice and the ideology propagated the left as social justice are very different.

@George About 2006, my local Catholic diocese put out directives to create local social justice committees. They wanted us to pursue such things as genocide in Darfur, Africa (Sudan), and political activities such as minimum wage. Nowadays, they like most people are overwhelmed with this racism movement and are speaking loudly about compassion. Social justice is a never ending red line and its current application is not solving the problem it was created to solve. All it is doing is curbing free speech. Corp offices in NYC are so toxic right now. If a person says something someone finds offensive, it goes to HR. It's the young employees who are always offended. My sister is upper mgt in advertising, she said brainwashing is all that is going on. And if you don't agree with this racism stuff, then you're a racist. It's out of control. I do pray for a good & peaceful outcome with the upcoming pres election.

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