We need an option to auto-unsubscribe from all election-related media and posts if we already voted.

@helpers I set up a Friendica instance on my shared web host yesterday. All appropriate PHP systems are available. The database populated without any issue but the system isn't creating either an admin user or any other users through the registration form.

The database information is accurate and the user/pw for the database is correct. I never got an email to my admin user account because when I checked the database and it was never created.

What would cause the database to populate without issue but cause issues with creating new users?

Site address: collective.crypticchameleon.com

Note: There is a SSL certificate but, for some reason https renders weird, which may be part of the issue as wello

OK, I moved to a new profile because I wanted to update the name to match what I'm changing to on my other platforms.

I was able to re-import all my follows/followers but, not the toots from my old account.

Oh well, I'm still me anyway.


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