Stolen from my old downloaded memes folder (I don't think I posted this one yet)

google stop trying to kill email
or just like, stop in general

Unsurprisingly, Apple have hit back at the "right to repair" movement with another attempt to drive third party repair out of business. A software lock that binds the screen to the phone motherboard and requires a tool for pairing that they have no intention of making available outside Apple.

Much as I hate legislative approaches to these problems, I think we're at the point where we need to offer consumer electronics manufacturers two options:

1. Provide service manuals and software tooling to third party repairers and end-users.

2. Keep it locked up and be accountable for the cradle-to-grave lifecycle and recycling of the product, including the costs of obtaining broken devices from consumers and providing public accounts for the recycling of every single component to a high standard.

For those taking option 2, a large print label "SINGLE USE DISPOSABLE DEVICE" on a third of the product sounds like a fair consumer warning, too.

This little league field umpire is just having the best time, and both teams are cheering him on. Baseball is really the best.

The blockchain for Monero has been...challenging. After nearly a week and being barely halfway done, I killed the daemon and removed the BSD stock version, replacing it with the current version from the Monero website. It is now going much faster, halfway after less than a full day. It should be done within another twenty-four hours, and I can finally get started.

The documentation has been poor. If Monero, or any digital "currency", is going to work, they should be encouraging people to do this, but there was little explanation anywhere beyond "download the GUI wallet and then a miracle will occur and all will be well". I don't want the GUI wallet; I want to try running a node with the minimal necessary resources. I can't be the only one, and the more people doing this the stronger the network will be.

If this works out, maybe I'll write something up myself.

Maybe I

Iphone users: My phone is better than yours
Also Iphone users: My phone can't read that file

So, rcsocial folks: is there a Peertube instance similar to this Mastodon instance? Rcpeertube sort of thing?

Playing with the Mastodon API. Surprisingly straightforward.

St Athanasius today. Always one of my favorites. Pray the Athanasian creed today in his honor!

One thing I have loved about the Fediverse is how many smaller Internet sites I have learned about through connections here. The Internet really still is more than just five social media sites filled with screenshots from the other four. These sites are often pushed down on Google results, so this is a great way to find them.

What do you call a hippie’s wife? Mississippi.

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