One thing I have loved about the Fediverse is how many smaller Internet sites I have learned about through connections here. The Internet really still is more than just five social media sites filled with screenshots from the other four. These sites are often pushed down on Google results, so this is a great way to find them.

It's interesting how much you don't realize the establishment has you in a cage until you open the door and take a step out.

I see stuff I like, I see stuff I don't like, and that's how it used to be! Not every post needs to be tailor made to drive my engagement.


That's the way it was before Silicon Valley morons took over too

@amerika I remember! That's why I love it. I've already learned a lot and seen things I never would have seen otherwise.

@dgoodmaniii @amerika On the other hand, then at some point you know too much and need to remember to pretend to be a normie at work.

“Oh really, CNN said Covid-19 might be made in a lab! Oh, wow.”

Meanwhile, in the back of my mind I’m thinking “and wait until you find out who approved the research funding…”

@Columbkille @dgoodmaniii

I practice deliberate smiling so that I do not say anything in certain circumstances. Just keep that Cheshire Cat grin on, then immediately mention something you saw on Discovery+, Hulu, Netflix, HBOMax, or Hoopla and you are in the clear.

@amerika @dgoodmaniii Yeah. I think people who talk politics a lot at work are annoying anyways.

I don’t like the double standard in my area where the annoying progressive lady drones on and everyone needs to nod and smile. I don’t care about saying my piece I just want to work and get paid and go home.

@Columbkille @dgoodmaniii

Yep. I never thought I would like sports and entertainment talk, but then when someone brings up politics or religion I just want to leave the room so I don't end up in a FEMA camp.

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