The Oddity of Christ, IV 

I pray, but I am not convinced. I wonder, but I do not yet understand. I hope, but I do not fully believe.

I have seen the power of Jesus' way through his followers. By introspection and contemplation I have found truth in the world and my mind been pleased by what I have learned.

But my heart is restless, and so I look to Jesus.

The Oddity of Christ, III 

Jesus claims to be the way, the truth, and the life. By the Eastern traditions, or any viewpoint that seeks to defend the truth they have found, this is prideful.

For the sake of those teachings of Jesus that do share common ground with the Eastern tradition, this must not have been a mistake.

There is something unavoidably unique about Christianity. There is no satisfaction in reducing Christianity to other religions, or treating the Christian teaching as one of many equally important truths. Yet, there is no satisfaction (in full honesty and with faith in the truth) in disregarding the Christian tradition entirely.

Jesus boldly poses a choice: He is the truth, or there is none.

The Oddity of Christ, II 

The Eastern religions are intuitive to me. When I had all but abandoned what I thought to be the Christianity, I was amazed at the faith that was gifted to me. My faith was in the way things are.

This is the product of the Eastern method; no myth, no law, no testament is needed; these are all subservient to the higher truth that things are simply the way they are. By denying ego, desires, and the need to control, things swim peacefully through time without evaluation or corruption.

These perspectives are not at odds with most of Christianity. Both traditions judge Pride to be the greatest sin, the cause our suffering.

But, Christianity goes beyond this.

The Oddity of Christ, I 

Fr. Barron's words here touch on my biggest questions about the religion and truth.

I have entertained Buddhism, Taoism, Universalist ideas, Jungian archetypal interpretations, and so many other perspectives on the eternal truth of our existence. And, with each of these, the peculiarity of the Christian teaching has confounded me.

Christianity does not collapse into these world views. By what witness should I believe that this elusive, odd, mysterious teaching is the way of life?

" Whatever temptations may trouble you, and whatever attraction to them you may feel, as long as your will refuses consent - not just to the temptation itself but also to the attraction - you need have no fear. God is not offended."

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