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Bit late for a , but better late than never.

I'm a high school student. I'm a farm kid, interested in

I'm and had the opportunity to visit the pre-covid.

I'm politically , willing to talk to people who disagree, but not interested in political arguments.

I'm interested in and . Currently running with on my main machine. I've played with on . Do some programming: I'm not bad with , okay with

I also make . Mostly farm life, but I make videos for my clubs, church, school projects, too. I fly a , and use a . Still have a lot to learn, but I'm pretty proud of my work.

I have cloud backups, is it a bad idea to delete my local backups?

Trailer lights are for farmers what printers are for IT people.

I made a thing! It's an MQTT temperature probe made from a D1 Mini, a DS18B20 temperature probe, Tasmota, an old box, and a horrifying mess of solder, wire that's way too thick, and electrical tape. But it works!

"A hacker is someone trying to figure out a way to make toast with a coffee maker."
Wau Holland

The fedi timeline is talking about Truth Social, not TypeScript. That makes a lot more sense...

Political hypothetical, responses may be controversial 

If you could write a new constitution from scratch for the United States, what would it say? What political system would you set up? Economic system? What would you change? What would you keep? How would you address whatever issues you see today?

Using my Windows partition feels like wading through syrup. It's not just that Windows is bad, it's that I don't use it that much. Everything needs updating. The programs I need may or may not be installed. Keyboard shortcuts, muscle memory are just different enough. It's just not... lived in anymore.

A strange YouTube rabbit hole about live TV makes me really want to mess around with OBS. Unfortunately I don't have anything interesting to point a camera at right now.

My Wireguard setup has broken in such a way that every problem I can think of can be ruled out because something that should work doesn't or something that shouldn't work does. Very confusing.

Does anyone know where I can find an iCal of Catholic holidays? It doesn't have to be like liturgical seasons or feastdays or anything, just generally-accepted holidays and not made up woke ones.

The post box is kinda like rubber duck debugging for real life.

When something's on my mind, and I need to think through it, I think about what I'd post.

Write, rewrite, write, rewrite until I've collected my thoughts.

I don't even need to post it.

So I didn't. Which is why I'm posting this instead.

It's Wednesday. I have a presentation on Wednesday. I'm only remembering this now.

what's the most despicable tech company, retoot for exposure

TIL I learned that Windows 10 settings crashes when you try to duplicate displays with different refresh rates.

Rejoice! God's church is growing. Two baptisms, four first communions (six total), and three confirmations (nine total).

Christ's victory over sin and death is inevitable, rejoice for those who've joined in Christ's triumph and mourn those who'll join the evil one in his fall.

Wait... has a free tier? I thought they were all paid plans!
No out of the box support for IMAP and SMTP though. Doesn't look like the bridge works for phones and such.
Still, worth thinking about....

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