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Bit late for a , but better late than never.

I'm a high school student. I'm a farm kid, interested in

I'm and had the opportunity to visit the pre-covid.

I'm politically , willing to talk to people who disagree, but not interested in political arguments.

I'm interested in and . Currently running with on my main machine. I've played with on . Do some programming: I'm not bad with , okay with

I also make . Mostly farm life, but I make videos for my clubs, church, school projects, too. I fly a , and use a . Still have a lot to learn, but I'm pretty proud of my work.

One thing I like about RCsocial is the accountability. Being on a faith-based instance makes my ask myself: Would I say this to someone at church? Am I representing my instance (and my faith) well? Even without the privacy and software freedom benefits, the shared community on an instance is a great part of the fedi and RCsocial in particular.

I managed to get a laptop I was setting up as a server stuck in airplane mode. 🙄

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Mistakes are being made! Technology is hard...

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This is amazing - a #search engine for personal websites that also implements #IndieAuth.

Just added myself on here. 😀

I was thinking about this verse from Matthew 27:
And the entire people responded by saying, "May his blood be upon us and upon our children."

Jesus is able to take this guilt, the blood on our hands, and turn it into something great: the Eucharist. This curse, the blood of the innocent lamb, becomes a tremendous blessing.

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"If 50 million people believe a foolish
thing, it is still a foolish thing"
[Anatole France]

Github CLI? Microsoft is really trying to kill git, aren't they...

Looking for software recommendations. Don't really care what it does, just want to tinker with something.
Doesn't necessary have to be , can't be paid though.

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Has the principal massively overestimated our skill level and massively underestimated the amount of time it takes to edit a video, absolutely!

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Late night editing homecoming clips for the jumbotron for the football game that will probably maybe happen tomorrow night.

Homecoming week!

*Also college application week, and the week before the ACT.

What is the equivalent of "google it" for ? "DuckDuckGo it" is too long. "Duck it" sounds like something else. "Go it" just sounds weird. DDG it? Dugo it? Search it? I need to know!

Playing around with in a VM. Can't believe I didn't find this sooner! If I can get my WSGI (flask) site running on it, definitely gonna switch to it.

Failing that, maybe there's a way we could set up like a git repo? Merge two people's changes that way? The file format for our video editing program is basically just an XML file, so it could work...

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I'm envisioning like a "Google Docs" for video sort of deal. Make a change on one device and it's reflected on the others.

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Is there any sort of that allows two or more people to simultaneously work on a project?

Disclaimer: Our IT guy is pretty chill, and I'm not searching for anything illegal or unethical. Just don't like being tracked.

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