RCsocial.net has been further tweaked. Polls may now have up to 8 choices (double the standard Mastodon limit).

Our post character limit has long been more than the standard 500. We have settled in at 2,000 for a while. That has been further tweaked to 2021, and will continue to match AD (anno Domini - the year of our Lord).

Both of these RCsocial.net features continue to be interoperable with other federated sites. They can interact with polls originated here and display our full posts.


@George The new character limit is cool. How and why did you make it match the current year?

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@jforseth210 I changed it because I felt 500 was too low. It often effected me personally as many daily Gospel readings would not fit in their entirety. Other times it just seemed too restrictive.

It was 2,000 for a while and that seemed to be the right number. Then it occurred to me that was close to the year, which serves as a reminder to us of our Lord in its very foundation. So, I changed it to that as it is fitting for this site.

Finally, it was accomplished via Mastodon source changes since it is hard coded. RCsocial.net has a good number of such customizations not possible with unmodified Mastodon. Some of the changes are somewhat dynamic (like this one) so I also made my own build process for it (vs. git merges to upstream releases).

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