I'm excited to share my #apconf2020 talk, "Decentralized Social Media vs the Trolls."

In it, I tell how the #Fediverse, a #decentralized social network, rallied together to isolate an invasive right wing extremist group through codes of conduct, human moderators, and strong moderation tools.

Thanks to @ashfurrow, @emi, @maffsie, @catgirl, @laurelai and all the folks who gave me their time and perspective.


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@Argus @ashfurrow @emi @maffsie @laurelai Do you see trolls as the biggest problem with centralised SN's like twitter, as opposed to banning, over-connectedness or some other attribute?

@joegrimer @Argus @emi @maffsie @laurelai there isn’t a single biggest problem with centralized SN’s imo. they are an amalgamation of many problems, they have become more problematic than the sum of those individual problems. they are per se a big problem, if I’m making sense.

@ashfurrow @joegrimer

Trolls are a big problem in decentralized social networks, too. I think the difference that strikes me is the ability for members to define and enforce (or at least try to) their own content moderation policy.

Centralized networks are too big to have a policy that works for everyone, and too big to enforce that policy. Decentralized networks push that labor to the "edges" of the network.

Still plenty of problems in decentralized networks, as PoC fediverse users can tell you.


@Argus @ashfurrow that makes sense. I'm not sure that I agree that all problems are equal (as they rarely are in other contexts). What do you mean by PoC fediverse users?
What one problem with D-SN's springs to mind?

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@joegrimer @Argus I didn’t mean to suggest all problems were equal. What I mean is, I don’t personally find it productive to think about one single largest problem to fix. The networks themselves are the problem, for a host of interconnected reasons.

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