I am still absolutely gawking at the dumpster fire that is freenode.

@RazorsKiss what happened to freenode? the irc thing? why is everybody suddenly on about it?

@joegrimer "let me 'splain... no, is too much, let me sum up"

So... basically... a bitcoin millionaire claims to have "bought" freenode back in 2017. He lawyered up on the current staff, which led them to depart en masse and create another network. In the meanwhile, he restaffed with the dregs of IRC opers, and proceeded to do literally everything wrong when it comes to dealing with FOSS projects, thereby driving off every conceivable big name in FOSS - which are basically the reason it existed as a going concern. Since he couldn't be the "savior of foss", he has since done an exceptionally bad job of rebranding it as a "free speech" MAGA-style IRC. For some reason nobody understands.

It's going about as well as you'd expect. He's taken the network from 70-80k users to a couple k in less than a month - and been extremely strange the entire time.
@joegrimer lest you think the issue is political - it's not, although he really seems to think it is. His heavy-handedness ticked off a big chunk of the FOSS projects early on, and his opers just kept digging the hole deeper (seemingly at his direction) by cracking down on any of the projects that protested how the network was being run - and it just kept snowballing with bad decision after bad decision until he was left with zero projects left - and THEN he just randomly decides to change software without any way of backing up channels or nicknames, and THEN up and rebrands the network away from FOSS, cratering the scorched earth he'd already created.

Weirdest sequence of events I have ever seen in my life.

@RazorsKiss Thanks. It's funny because I assumed the opposite (i.e. somebody coming in and enforcing pronoun speech codes or something). Does sound like a mess

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