@khm I may regret asking, but why do you dislike git?

@jordan31 use Anki! or... focus on reading and listening... or tell me your learning philosophy so I can consider :)

@volpeon the python archer program indentation is completely 1-space indented

@Knowledgeispowerful It's funny because we have a similar joke in the UK, except it's about Brexit voters (i.e. the other side)

@JGibsonDem I'm not exactly sure what that even means. Is it so ambiguous that it's meaningless, or so ambiguous that it creates a power grab?

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Goodnight everyone.
(should I do this daily?)

@RazorsKiss Thanks. It's funny because I assumed the opposite (i.e. somebody coming in and enforcing pronoun speech codes or something). Does sound like a mess

you heard of pypy? this is pretty cool:

~/scripts/py (master) $ python3 speedtest.py
The result is 999800010000
It took 11.70 seconds to compute
~/scripts/py (master) $ pypy3 speedtest.py
The result is 999800010000
It took 0.17 seconds to compute

@RazorsKiss what happened to freenode? the irc thing? why is everybody suddenly on about it?

finding this seriously interesting insights.stackoverflow.com/sur
facts like this: "When looking at the average age by country, respondents from countries such as Brazil and India tend to start writing code a full two years later compared to developers in countries such as Poland and Germany, who on average start coding by the age of 15."

@captainepoch Yeah... I would rather find a job where I can cycle and not drive/train tbf. I'm also sick of the mask in any context. Do you find you felt like you were still at work when you were at home though?

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What's your favorite formatting option for writing long posts in text editor a when writing stuff online?

(If you can, #boost this for a wider audience!)
#writing #textEditor #formatting

@captainepoch that's funny: I'm doing almost the opposite. Why don't you want to go back to the office?

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@strawberryfieldsforever I think I like that feature. What bothers me is the lack of commenting

Something can be said for the benefits of learning the hard way - I learn a lot of things the hard way

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