"The Church is not here for her own sake. She has a task to perform for the world, for mankind. The only reason she has to survive is because her disappearance would drag humanity into the whirlpool of the eclipse of God, and thus, into the eclipse, indeed the destruction, of all that is human."

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

"Before the Lord the whole universe is as a drop of morning dew upon the earth. But you have mercy on all, Lord, because you can do all things. You overlook people's sins that they may repent. Therefore you rebuke offenders little by little. You warn them and remind them of the sins they are committing that they may abandon their wickedness and believe in you."

Wisdom 11:22-12:2

"We love our closest neighbors, but do we have a place in our hearts for the poor souls, tangled in the snares of heresy or schism? Let us open our hearts to them and introduce the Immaculata to their poor hearts so that she can bring them to true happiness in God."

St. Maximilian Kolbe

"Purgatory strips off from one person what is unbearable and from another the inability to bear certain things, so that in each of them a pure heart is revealed, and we can see that we all belong together in one enormous symphony of being."

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

"Every good vocation has to be tested. But if you are faithful, our Lord will sustain you by his grace and you will experience more joy than you have endured in trials."

Blessed Columba Marmionk

"The Torah of the Messiah is the Messiah, Jesus himself. It is to him that the command "Listen to him," refers. In this way the "Law" becomes universal; it is a grace, constituting a people which becomes such by hearing the word and undergoing a conversion. To imitate him, to follow him in discipleship, is therefore to keep the Torah."

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

"Are we not increasingly a cruel age? Perhaps we are: but I think we have become so in the attempt to reduce all virtues to kindness. For Plato rightly taught that virtue is one. You cannot be truly kind unless you have all the other virtues."

C.S. Lewis

"It's easy not to steal what belongs to someone else, difficult not to covet it. It's easy not to bear false witness in court, difficult to be perfectly truthful in everyday conversation. It's easy to avoid open defamation of someone's character, difficult to avoid all inward contempt of others."

St. Francis De Sales

"Love is based on esteem. We love only what we value and admire. We love only the "good." What is too easily and too quickly come by does not attract deep souls. It becomes a superficial good, which cannot satisfy the rich capacity of their nature. It is a law that real treasures are deeply buried and carefully hidden; that serious acquisitions call for proportionate efforts. God is the treasure beyond price. Were he to give himself too easily, even the best of us would turn our backs on him."

Dom Augustin Guillerand, O. Cart (+1945), French Carthusian monk.

"The impure are never tolerant of the pure. The more saintly the soul of a confessor, the less he dwells on the gravity of the offense and the more on the love of the offender. Goodness always lifts the burden of conscience, and it never throws a stone to add to its weight."

Venerable Fulton J. Sheen

"Right now, there's a battle going on for your mind - for how you look at reality. Who are you? What is life all about? What brings happiness? What is true success? What is love? Who is God? What happens when we die? These are some of the most fundamental questions in life. The world is doing everything it can to get you to look at them in a certain way, while Christ offers you a very different perspective. Which outlook on life will you adopt?"

Dr. Edward Sri

"You must question yourselves about the true value of every choice you make. It can sometimes be that the decision is difficult and that there is an insistent temptation to give in. This happened to Jesus' disciples. The world is full of easy and inviting ways, downhill roads that plunge into the shadow of the valley. Jesus offers you an uphill road which is heavy going but lets the eye of your heart sweep over ever broader horizons. The choice is yours: slide downhill into the dark valley… or climb the peak and breathe the pure air of truth, goodness and love."

St, John Paul II

"It's easy to abstain from murder. But it's difficult to avoid the angry outbursts that are so often aroused within us. It's easy to avoid adultery. But it's not so easy to be wholly and constantly pure in words, looks, thoughts, and deeds."

St. Francis De Sales

"Father, remember your sons who, as you know, are threatened with grave dangers and find it very hard to follow in your footsteps. Give them the strength to hold out; purify them so that they may become shining examples; give them joy so that they may bear fruit; invoke the Spirit of grace and prayer for them, so that they may possess the true humility that you had, that t hey may love poverty as you did, that they may become worthy of the love with which you love Christ crucified."
St. Francis of Assisi

"Until the evil man finds evil unmistakably present in his existence, in the form of pain, he is enclosed in illusion. Once pain has roused him, he knows he is in some way "up against" the real universe. He will either rebel or else make some attempt at an adjustment, which if pursued, will lead him to religion."
C.S. Lewis

"True humility exists only in those who are poor enough to see that they possess nothing of their own. In every case when God permits evil to happen, he makes it benefit the growth of those who are good. For this reason he saw to it that his Son became more poor than any saint or other person has ever been."
St. Angela of Foligno (+1309)

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Wild Bill is not everyone's "cup of tea", but he is right about those celebrating abortion and how their "choice" has (selfishly and mistakenly) helped them.


"Humility is actually a cheerful virtue. The holier a man is the more fully aware he is that his character is, in some respects, a horror to God. We can believe them when the saints tell us that they are actually vile people. They are recording truth with scientific accuracy."
C.S. Lewis

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