"It wasn't unwillingly that Jesus was handed over. He would not have been crucified unless He handed Himself over. The Father handed over the Son out of compassion; the Son handed over Himself out of the same compassion. Judas handed his Master over out of sheer treachery. There is no difference between "handing over"" … and "handing over" … but there is a world of difference between compassion and treachery."

St. Augustine


"the church also features:

one of the church windows replaced with a giant tic-tac-toe

large words painted on the exterior such as like SKEPSIS and SCIENCE

an altar with a stack of what appear to be monochrome TV screens

a window painted with OH MEIN GOTT

a window displaying used chairs (?)

a "mirror Christ" built out of broken mirrors

a window painted with a giant Stuart Little (you know, the mouse guy?)

they've had a lot of temporary installations: giant skull painting over the altar, giant nude photos"

"We must do everything in our power, give without counting cost, practice virtue agt every opportunity, deny ourselves constantly, prove our love by all kinds of attentions and marks of affection, in a word, do all the good deeds in our power for the love of God."

St. Therese of Lisieux

"Humility is the safeguard of chastity. In the matter of purity, there is no greater danger than not fearing danger. When a person puts himself in an occasion of sin, saying: "I shall not fall," it is almost an infallible sign that he will fall, and with great injury to his soul."

St. Philip Neri

"Every attempt by Man to achieve perfect justice and liberation on purely human terms is bound to fail because it inevitably runs up against fallen human nature and its sin."

Sohrab Ahmari, Author and Convert

"I firmly believe that the situation that we are experiencing within the Church resembles in every respect the situation of Good Friday, when the apostles abandoned Christ and Judas betrayed him, because the traitor wanted his own style of Christ, a Christ preoccupied with political issues. Today many priests and bishops are literally spellbound by political or social questions. In reality, these questions will never find answers apart from Christ’s teaching."

-- Cardinal Sarah

"It is not always in the soul's power not to feel a temptation. But it is always in it's power not to consent to it."

St. Francis De Sales

"If I believe all the right things and follow all the right rules, that alone does not make me a good Catholic. The heart of the matter is my interior struggle to imitate Christ in my daily life. If I believe in all the right things but don't grow in prayer, kindness, purity, patience, mercy, forgiveness, generosity and care for the weak and the poor, I am failing in my life as a disciple."

Dr. Edward Sri

The next time you are talking with someone who believe abortion is a "right" because of the 14th amendment, here's the legal truth...

...consider what the word “persons” was understood to mean when the Fourteenth Amendment was written and ratified.

By the time of the Fourteenth Amendment’s adoption, “nearly every state had criminal legislation proscribing abortion,” and most of these statutes were classified among “offenses against the person.” The original public meaning of the term “person” thus incontestably included prenatal life. Indeed, “there can be no doubt whatsoever that the word ‘person’ referred to the fetus.”


"Even when God sets no limits, man can sometimes do so. We want to make the world for ourselves and are not ready to accept it as a gift from God. Our pride will not let us be cleansed. It will not let us accept the gift of Jesus' healing love. Our false humility does not want anything so great as God bending down to us. We would rather achieve our own purity. But God does not wish for false modesty; He desires a humility which allows itself to be cleansed and become pure."

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

"If the Church simply aims to avoid conflict, merely to ensure that not disturbances arise anywhere, then her real message can no longer make any impact. For her message is there precisely in order to conflict with our behavior, to tear man out of his life of lies, and to bring clarity and truth. Truth does not come cheap. It makes demands, and it also burns."

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

"Never seek temptations. It is a presumptuous and rash thing to do. But prepare your heart to await them with courage and to defend itself when they do come. For all the temptations of hell cannot stain a soul that does not love them"

St Francis De Sales

"Christian fellowship is not just about having a friend who happens to be Catholic. It is also much more than being surrounded by mere "fans" of the Catholic Faith - people outwardly orthodox and excited but not inwardly striving for virtue and sanctity. It's about having others beside you who are running after Christ as a disciple like you are."

Dr. Edward Sri, Author and Evangelist

"...by denying Pell the right to administer Mass may be a violation of the UN Charter on Human Rights, of which Australia is a signatory. The Charter guarantees, as does the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution, the free exercise of religion and to change one’s religion or belief.

"...Pell is also forbidden to have a breviary, a book of prayers used by Catholic priests. A review of prison regulations for Victoria revealed that prisoners are allowed to have a Bible and other books, including the Koran."


"The conversion of the heart cannot fail to include penitence. In a certain sense, this is the essential element. Penitence means a profound change of heart under the influence of the word of God. It is a commitment to restore the equilibrium and harmony shattered by sin and therefore the change direction even at the cost of sacrifice. The resolutions of conversion and repentance in order to be authentic and enduring must be translated into concrete penitential acts."

St. John Paul II

"Do not confer with the enemy. Do not say: "I will listen to him but not obey him; I will open my ears but close my heart." Rather be strict in such things. The heart and ears are closely connected, and as impossible as it is to stop a torrent in its course down the mountainside, it is equally impossible to defend the heart from what we allow into our ears."

St. Francis De Sales

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