"Brothers and sisters, here is a question for you: Which to you If seems the greater, the word of God or the body of Christ? If you want to give the right answer you will reply that God's word is not less than Christ's body. Therefore, just as we take care when we receive the body of Christ so that no part of it falls to the ground so, likewise, should we ensure that the word of God which is given to us is not lost to our souls because we are speaking or thinking about something different. One who listens negligently to God's word is just as guilty as one who, through carelessness, allows Christ's body to fall to the ground."
- Saint Caesarius of Arles (d.542)

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@mikel I don't understand this quote. What does it mean?

@asuperhero @mikel God’s Word should be held in as much reverence as Catholics hold Christ’s Body

@JoshuaRystedt @mikel Why should we hold Christ's body with reverence? Is that metaphorical, or literal?

If some books of the bible have been excluded over the centuries which were apart of the original version. Then how do we know which version of God's word is the true word when there has been so many different versions and translations of the bible?

Its hard to navigate the christian religion with so many differences. These are genuine questions I would like to know the answers to.

@asuperhero @mikel Wow. There is a lot of ground to cover there.

The [Catholic] Church compiled the collection of writings now known as the Bible. We’ve never excluded any texts from that collection after its establishment. We even have translations that are approved for use by the Church.

Granted, the great schisms in Christianity (ie East from West and Protestants from Rome) have led to great confusion.

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