Going to midnight Mass tomorrow. My eldest son, who has fallen away from the faith, is coming with us.

I don't know what it means to him to come to Mass with us, but I'm praying for the best. I pray that the priest give a great homily.

God is at work in each person's life!

Looking forward to Christmas.. All my kids are in town.

About to try to sit through Mass for first time since surgery. (I tried last week but couldn’t make it.) I’ve been receiving Holy Communion thanks to home visits, but nothing substitutes for participating in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass! Prayers welcome!

Please pray for me

I’m having a second emergency surgery since Friday morning. I’ve received anointing of the sick and confession so I guess I’m set

Oscar Romero, while beloved of a certain kind of "liberal" Catholic, himself had real love for Opus Dei:

Archbishop Romero's Last Hours on Earth:


St. Oscar Romero's affection for St. Josemaria Escriva and the spirituality of Opus Dei:


We are all called to holiness. There's no set amount of social activism that makes you holy, nor any number of orthodox prayers. It's all about following Jesus.

The caution I see would be taking the gift of faith for granted. Our intention, determination and zeal must be steadfast lest it become lukewarm. The goal is heaven for ourselves and others, by responding to the call to holiness through continuous conversion. Leaving the Church must be understood as a giant step in the wrong direction. Judas represents the not truly faithful and we must not become him.

No scandal could ever lead a truly faithful Catholic away from the Church. Christ and His Church are inseparable. He instituted only 1, we worship as He commanded, the sacraments still pour forth His grace, and although wounded, it is still a "saint making machine" like no other.

Rebecca Hamilton expressed similar thoughts in her piece for National Catholic Register (another source I highly recommend):


Conspiracy theories are a waste of time and energy.

We know the devil is real and that he is at work in the world. There is thus no need to invoke human conspiracies to explain the various evils we see around us. The idea of thousands of communists entering seminaries as sleeper agents without any of them later breaking ranks and coming forward to repent runs contrary to basic truths about human beings.

Such allegations are a distraction. Evil cannot be rooted out this way.

Mastodon's primary developer is Eugen Rochko. He wrote about the privacy design decisions here:


An integralist argument that clericalism is near the heart of the crisis:


Dante speaks to Pope Nicholas III in hell:

The Madonna of the Lilies (1899) -
William-Adolphe Bouguereau

I heard the other day that what happened during the feeding of the 5000 is the people felt guilty when the child offered Jesus his fish and bread. So they each dug into their own lunch bags and shared their food with each other.

How can anyone have joy in their faith when their faith is founded on natural explanations of clearly supernatural events?

When do we stop explaining away the miraculous? At the Red Sea? The virgin birth? The Resurrection? The Eucharist?

I say, let God be God.

Pope Francis: Don’t use logic of the ‘Great Accuser’ who doesn’t know ‘mercy’


Some "news" outlets are saying this homily is "aimed at" Vigano and his supporters. In fact, it is a vanilla, garden-variety Pope Francis daily homily. In his daily homilies, he has railed against gossip and the spirit of accusation since he became pope.

If people would bother regularly reading his daily homilies (which are excellent), such nonsense wouldn't make the (so-called) "news".

Why angry Catholics should pray and fast for Pope Francis:

Suppose you hope he resigns. (I don't, but I know people who do.) So, when he comes to reflect on whether or not to resign, how is the Holy Father supposed to make the right decision when he is not supported by the graces that (should have been) caused from your prayer and penance for him?! We all need to love and pray and do penance for the pope, and more now than usual--regardless of how we hope this all turns out.

@mikel @peepingThomist
Proofs of supernatural realities are not possible in the natural world. I can not prove that pencils, cars or the electrical power grid do or do not have souls. It doesn't follow that I should err on the side that they do.

I do know what a computer is and, regardless of any AI programming it happens to run at any point in time, it does not share the attributes of truly living things.

Imagine how we would feel if our natural father were credibly accused of a crime, or even convicted. We would not abandon him or be gleeful that we had finally “caught” him and could renounce him as our father. The devil wants to sift the Holy Father like wheat. We have to accompany him through what must happen next. Love him and pray for him.

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