Have you ever noticed how often we blame God for bad things that happen? I write about it here: tinyurl.com/yxv6pq5s


Virtually every American knows what the acronym stands for. President Trump made it a household word during the 2016 Presidential campaign: ‘Make America Great Again.’

While I was thinking of the slogan this evening, another suddenly came to mind – more important, I think, than even the President’s:

‘Make America Godly Again.’

I’m ruminating about that slogan. What must Americans do to Make America Godly Again?

What would be your ideas?

What is truth? Why is it critical that we 'gird our loins" with it? Here is part two of my essay on the supernatural battle around us. tinyurl.com/y34km85r

I had a lot to hide, and I thought I was doing a good job of it. Then God showed me my nakedness in the mirror. It was not pretty. tinyurl.com/y6el2mh7

We can infer a lot about the supernatural battle just by observing the cultural changes. I write about it here: thecontemplativecatholicconver

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@rmaffeo the Nazis killed and mutilated the captives of the concentration camps out of malice. Women who decide to procure abortion may act in desperation, they don't get the support they need or act thoughtlessly. Market economy and bad laws lead to exploitation of the unborn's body parts. That's a big big difference.

In the 1950s – just a few years after learning of the experiments the Nazis performed on people in concentration camps – NONE of us would have imagined WE would do the same thing in our country. Yet since 1973 we have killed more than 56 million pre-born children -- and made it legal to sell their body parts for experimentation and research.

Let that number sink in a moment. 56 million.

That’s the combined populations of New York State, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina! In your mind’s eye, wipe those states off the map. They no longer exist. We’ve slaughtered their populations in the womb.

And I often wonder, "How much longer will the righteous Judge wait before He pours out His wrath on us?"

@levisan I inadvertently favorited your post after I misread it. I am instead sorry you felt/feel so strongly about my great nation. I am not even curious to know why you left.

On this day when Americans celebrate Independence Day, here is a quick study in Luke's gospel related to everyone's independence: thecontemplativecatholicconver

Fascinating thoughts to ponder from St. Jerome:

"Moses, one man, obtains God’s pardon for six hundred thousand armed men, and Stephen prays for his persecutors. When they are with Christ, will they be less powerful? Paul says that two hundred and seventy-six souls were granted to his prayers, whilst they were in a ship with him. Shall he close his lips after death, and not mutter a syllable for those who throughout the world have believed in his gospel?"

"If Apostles and martyrs, whilst still in the flesh and still needing to care for themselves, can pray for others, how much more will they pray for others after they have won their crowns, their victories, their triumphs?"

Consider also: tinyurl.com/yxrc65gn

I closed part one of my message, Cheap Grace, with reference to Satan's Fifth Column in the Church. Here is part two: thecontemplativecatholicconver

There is something malevolent about cheap grace -- a grace that lets Jesus be Savior, but not Lord. I write about it here: tinyurl.com/yyljkenn

Need a 'plan' to read the Bible through in a year? Two chapters in the morning and two in the evening will get you through the OT once a year and the NT three times a year.

Below is a link to my blog post. If my plan doesn't fit your needs, then do an internet search for key words such as 'annual bible reading plan' or New Testament reading plan.


In many places, God talks about giving Him a sacrifice of praise. Of course, a sacrifice costs something. And giving God a “sacrifice of praise” costs us something.

I write about it here: lnkd.in/dckvMjb

Sorry for my longtime silence. Life got in the way. Adapted from a new book I'm working on:

God did not intend Christianity to be a private thing. He never wanted His message confined to the four walls of some church building. Christian faith is not something we do only on Sunday. If we have Christ-honoring faith, then our open acknowledgment and confession of that faith should naturally follow.

That's why if we DO NOT feel comfortable telling others of our Jesus, then perhaps we ought to examine our faith to make sure it is not merely an intellectual assent.

The woman at the well was living in sin. An outcast. Lost.

But she was important to Jesus.

That's why He went looking for her.

No one is lost to Him if they don't want to be lost. And no one is beyond His redemption if they don't want to be beyond His redemption.

All she needed to do -- all any of us need to do -- is come. Repent. And follow the Master.

We are each in the waiting room of the Great Physician. Some will hear their name called before they eat their next meal. Others won’t hear their name for several decades. Still others will hear their name at some time in between.

When the angel ushers you into the Great Exam Room, what will the Physician say to you? I write about it here:

When God says you're forgiven, don't argue with Him. I adapted this from a message I recently preached. It's a little long to read, but I hope it will be worth it: thecontemplativecatholicconver

One of the reasons I came into the Catholic Church is because I met a Catholic who was knowledgeable of the Bible and asked me to show him where in the Bible I got my particular interpretations of scripture.

When I attempted to prove to Him why I was right and he was wrong (I'd been a seminary-trained evangelical Protestant for decades by then), I discovered I was not as right as I thought I was.

But he and I were having an honest discussion. The key words here are 'honest' and 'discussion.' Too many folks on both sides of the theological aisle are content to simply yell at each other.

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