I heard the other day that what happened during the feeding of the 5000 is the people felt guilty when the child offered Jesus his fish and bread. So they each dug into their own lunch bags and shared their food with each other.

How can anyone have joy in their faith when their faith is founded on natural explanations of clearly supernatural events?

When do we stop explaining away the miraculous? At the Red Sea? The virgin birth? The Resurrection? The Eucharist?

I say, let God be God.

@rmaffeo were you listening to the 'Unbelievable' discussion between John Lennox and Michael Ruse?

@rmaffeo [Unbelievable] John Lennox vs Michael Ruse: Science, faith and the evidence for God

@rmaffeo Michael Ruse is an atheist philosopher, but not a 'New Atheist', and John Lennox is an Irish/British mathematician and apologist.

@Matthew Thank you for the link. I’m certain it’s nothing I haven’t read or heard or taught before.

The longer I study human anatomy and physiology, the more convinced I am that each person is – to those with eyes to see – a pulsating marquee proclaiming the existence of a personal creator.

But for those who insist on not seeing, their hearts will not change even if someone comes back from the dead.

In fact, Jesus Himself said as much (Luke 16).

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