@levisan I inadvertently favorited your post after I misread it. I am instead sorry you felt/feel so strongly about my great nation. I am not even curious to know why you left.

@rmaffeo That's too bad. Since you didn't ask, I renounced my citizenship after nearly 3 decades of living with the costly requirements of being an American while never having actually lived in the country. Not because of a dislike of the USA, but because of economic reasons related to the IRS's tax policy. Renouncing has saved me and my family a large amount of money without very many downsides.

@levisan Now that makes sense. I wish you had explained in the first place. With so many anti-Americans -- people who hate this country -- living here AND hypocritically benefiting from citizenship, I knee-jerked at your post. I apologize.

@rmaffeo yeah, I understand your point! People who post things like that can get really annoying…

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