In the 1950s – just a few years after learning of the experiments the Nazis performed on people in concentration camps – NONE of us would have imagined WE would do the same thing in our country. Yet since 1973 we have killed more than 56 million pre-born children -- and made it legal to sell their body parts for experimentation and research.

Let that number sink in a moment. 56 million.

That’s the combined populations of New York State, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina! In your mind’s eye, wipe those states off the map. They no longer exist. We’ve slaughtered their populations in the womb.

And I often wonder, "How much longer will the righteous Judge wait before He pours out His wrath on us?"

@rmaffeo i often wonder as well. perhaps the lesson from the OT re: if 50 righteous are found... if 40 righteous are found and so on down to 5... So, perhaps the prayers and works of the righteous are staying the Lord's hand...

@sobercatholic Actually, Abraham got the Lord down to ten. And that has been my plea to the Lord since before the 2016 election. We deserve nothing but God's judgment. Oh, if only all God's people would implore the Lord's stay of execution for the sake of the ten.

@rmaffeo regardless of the number, He may be waiting because of the righteous. "Mercy triumphs over justice" and elsewhere it says "God's patience is directed towards salvation."

@sobercatholic I agree. It is only His mercy that we are not consumed. But that is ALSO why we who love Christ must work while it is still day. The night is coming when no one can work.

@rmaffeo the Nazis killed and mutilated the captives of the concentration camps out of malice. Women who decide to procure abortion may act in desperation, they don't get the support they need or act thoughtlessly. Market economy and bad laws lead to exploitation of the unborn's body parts. That's a big big difference.

@stefan We could debate the motives behind the Nazi’s malevolence and the reasons women have abortions, but to do so would take us beyond the point of my essay -- that being, As a nation AND as a Church we remain deafeningly silent about the bloodletting going on in our communities.
When did you last hear the word ‘abortion’ from your pulpit? In the 15+ years my wife and I have been in the Church I don't think I've EVER heard that word from the pulpit. Yes, once (or twice) a year they mention “Right to Life” issues (usually in January) – but the word abortion? Never.
A priest told me they do not mention abortion (or SSM or any other popular sins) because they do not want to offend anyone(!)
THAT was the point of my essay.

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