Virtually every American knows what the acronym stands for. President Trump made it a household word during the 2016 Presidential campaign: ‘Make America Great Again.’

While I was thinking of the slogan this evening, another suddenly came to mind – more important, I think, than even the President’s:

‘Make America Godly Again.’

I’m ruminating about that slogan. What must Americans do to Make America Godly Again?

What would be your ideas?

@rmaffeo Put God first; before profit and acquiring more things and emphasizing "identity politics." Make people a priority after God, recognizing that each one is a unique individual made in the image and likeness of God and so should be considered as a special individual and NOT as a typical white/black/brown/yellow/red person or con/lib or any other label. People are to be served, and they do not exist to serve an economic system (capitalist or socialist.)

Rant over. ;-)

@sobercatholic thanks for the rant. No one pays attention to us anyway. But it's good to vent from time to time.

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