A free webinar with Dan Burke and Fr. Dwight Longenecker on spiritual warfare, June 8. I've registered.

Liz Wheeler speaks with Michael Knowles (both Catholic, BTW) on the historical Thanksgiving (vs. the false woke rewrite of it).


I was among the Knights of Columbus Honor Guard this morning at San Antonio's Assembly 2019. archsa.org/assembly/

The Amazon Synod has come to a close, producing a report that easily could have been written before it even started. The deck was so thoroughly stacked by who would attend and what was to be discussed that no other outcome was realistically possible.

Pushing for married priests is a terrible idea. Women "deacons" is heresy. Pray that to the degree Pope Francis follows this path that he has orchestrated, that a future pope will thoroughly and definitively undo.

Msgr. Charles Pope (reserved, level-headed) writes for EWTN's National Catholic Register:


On Saturday evening I was with brother Knights attending the White Mass in San Antonio, TX.

After this morning's Funeral Mass for Bishop Thomas Flanagan, my brother Knights and I who served as Honor Guard at the Funeral received a blessing from Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller.

Earlier today I was part of a small group of Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus who joined the parishioners of San Antonio's Italian Catholic Parish for their Columbus Day Procession.

I spent several hours this very hot South Texas afternoon with some of my brother Knights as we participated in a San Antonio Right to Life Rally.

Hello All. Please note I made

...a Bunch of Catholic "bots"

(Tw-it-ter mirrors).

They're not in order but I think you can find them....


Also write to me at @commandlinekid not here as I won't be checking it. Thanks.

After another great evening with my Knights of Columbus friends, I am so tired! Time now to put head to pillow.

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