I'm see reports that Christopher Tolkien has died. 😣

"We are not the sum total of our weaknesses and failures. We are the sum total of our Father's love for us and our real capacity to become the image of his Son."

St. John Paul II

@MikeL1 So, this IS you! I Plurk I mentioned this account, referencing the Bukowski quote and you denied it! aHEM!

I'm making my way through Star Trek: Discovery's 2nd Season. Although I don't care for the show for a number of reasons (mainly disregard for canon) I do have to say one thing nice: the dude who is playing Lt. Spock has nailed the role. I can almost hear Leonard Nimoy speaking the lines...

...joined Gab just to see what the fuss is about. whether I'll stay depends....🤔I want to decide for myself rather than subscribe to groupthink that declares it to be doubleplusungood.

I think I'll try reading the "Nican Mopohua" today.

Started doing Strive 21 yesterday. So far it is a great program.

If you are a Catholic man and struggle with lust/porn issues, definitely check it out! Right now the program is free thanks to a generous underwriter of some kind.


This year I will make another attempt at getting thru "Divine Intimacy," the classic Carmelite devotional. *This year* I will keep track of what days get skipped over due to moveable feasts; this tripped me up last year and once before and I quit it. I will be firm and resolute in my intentions! 🙃

Due to an ice storm happening this morning I am missing my Latin Mass.😣 😣 I will view a streaming version online. To recieve Him I'll be attending a Novus Ordo Mass tonight and hope the priest consecrates the Eucharist validly. (There's a retired monsignor in residence who innovates.) My sister in law called, worrying about my traveling. She is even missing her N.O. Mass, hoping to get to one later. With all the reports about unsafe roads, I decided to stay home. If I was 100% I'd chance the drive but given rhat I'm ill, my reaction times aren't the best. I'll offer it up in hopes the TLM spreads...

As the author acknowledges at the end of the essay: "Sadly, 69 US Catholic Bishops just voted that abortion is NOT the pre-eminent social issue in America today.”

THAT, and the tragic reality that our pope has brought an abomination into the Vatican --and we seriously wonder why more evangelical Protestants want nothing to do with our faith? How can we proclaim we have the whole truth when so few clergy -- bishops and priests -- proclaim to their congregations that what we are seeing is not just wrong -- it is evil?

What was it the Lord Jesus said? "Physician, heal thyself."(Luke 4:23)

At dealership awaiting an "oil consumption test" on the tank we drive. TV in waiting room is on. Amazon was using the "Ave Maria" as soundtrack for one-day free delivery commercial for Amazon Prime.

I just went online during some downtime at work only to discover that I'm locked out of my FB for suspicious activity. In using the FB Android app to recover my account I decided to uninstall FB. Can't seem to do that. I can disable it, or uninstall Android updates to FB, but there seems to be no way to trash the app. Same for FB Messenger. This is creepy.

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