Tree is still up... they seem to be ignoring it...

🌲 Tree is up. Historically, our cats have never touched it. In previous years it had always been guarded by a dog gate, but said gate is over at SIL's house in readiness to gate some dogs. Will this be the year strikes? 🙀

Feeling like God can't use you for His kingdom? Here's an important truism: God doesn't always call the qualified, but He ALWAYS qualifies those whom He calls.

Go ahead. Trust Him. Do what He 's told you to do for Him.

Today is the Feast of the Transferring of the Holy House of Loretto. The house where Mary was born and where the Word was conceived was taken from Palestine at the end of the 13thC by angels to Italy. "O God, You mercifully sanctified the house of the Blessed Mary Ever Virgin through the mystery of the Incarnation, and placed it in the bosom of Your Church in a wonderful manner; Grant that we may avoid the dwellings of sinners and someday live in Your holy home. Through Christ our Lord, Amen."

Dumb question, but is there any way to private message anyone thru the site? I just looked at @RockChick profile, and saw nothing like that. @George Unless I'm missing something.

Good night all! I hope more Awestruckers find their way here! ❤️

Hello! I was invited by @sobercatholic from Awestruck. Thanks for this new network. God bless :)

Migrating from Awestruck, looking forward to making new friends, especially those interested in pro-life, Latin Mass, movies, Adoration, volunteering, corny jokes, gelato, traveling, Camino de Santiago, loving Jesus and Mary, and so forth.

Over on Awestruck now; looking up people to specifically invite to RCSocial. I just posted my general "Sad to see this place go spiel,,,." with info on RCSocial.

I don't have my Awe login on my smartphone. Hopefully there are a few Awe member here who can do this hint hint @mikel

I have sad news: the Awestruck Catholic social network is shutting down in a few days. I got an email from another member, qoute: "Short of a miracle, because of mounting costs, insufficient support and increasing spam attacks we are unfortunately going to have to close down in a few days time. It will be a sad day." If anyone here has an Awestruck acct, could you login there & let them know about this place? I'll do that myself tonite after I get home from work, but can't do it now.

Going to begin the new year with daily meditations from "Divine Intimacy," the classic Carmelite devotional. I tried it years ago and enjoyed it, although it was a bit difficult as it followed the old Tridentine calendar and I was still Novus Ordo. Now that I'm happy raddy traddy, it should dovetail nicely.

Yay! It worked!! I added the Mastodon sharing button to the "AddToAny" share anywhere extension and it worked! w00t! (My test link was the post from NCRegister on Catholic novels. 😍

Ahhhh.... Happiness is an updated OS for a PC. :-) (FYI: Linux Mint 19 'Tara' with MATE desktop environment.)

"The Church exists so that the living God may be may known - so that man may learn to live with God, live in his sight and in fellowship with him. The Church exists to prevent the advance of hell upon earth and to make the earth fit to live in through the light of God. It is only on the basis of God's presence that the earth is humanized."

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Tomorrow is the Solemnity of All Saints, a Holy Day of Obligation.

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