Snow. Only a few inches and who worries about that? But because it's a Fed holiday, no staffers are at seminary library so I can't renew my card and take out the 1963 Collegeville Divine Offices they have. (I wanted to study the rubrics.) Library is open (honor system) but will go next Monday.

"At Lourdes, our Blessed Mother asked Bernadette many times to pray for the conversion of sinners. Every time she did, Bernadette asked her what she meant. She said Mary just smiled. There is a mystery in that smile. Bernadette was to learn later in her life about that mystery. She suffered greatly for the conversion of many souls. Mary wanting a soul for her Son because her own love for that soul is strong is behind every conversion story."

Father Donald Haggerty

Fictional vs. actual cyberpunk dystopias: Cyberpunk predicted authoritarians would censor the truth, and hackers would be heroes for liberating data.

It didn't predict "swamp true information in a flood of lies, memes, and self-contradictory propaganda" would be easier than censorship and become the preferred authoritarian info-warfare tactic.

The limiting resource for truth-finding isn't data, it's *attention*.

Maybe the hero we need is less "hackers" and more "reputable journalists"

Quote: "'But here’s the (literal) killer. We are literally the only species in the world which willfully and intentionally murder our young. Seriously. The entire animal kingdom & all of nature (including us) is wired to reproduce and defend our young, especially within the womb. What makes things even more ironic is that we hold ourselves as “more advanced” than our animal counterparts, and still fail the ‘nature test’. It’s true — animals act on instinct alone, and human beings alone can exercise rationality within a corporeal body. And so, the fact that we are even able to reason, make voluntary choices, and enact laws makes our society’s worship of abortion all the more twisted."

Quote: "A revolution is happening across the free world. It is not a revolution of the “Right,” “alt-right,” or “far right,” but a revolution from the concrete center, from the places where working people live and work to build, fix, paint, and clean the world as their antecedents did for thousands of years. It is fundamentally a reaction against lies, intimidation, official stupidity, and political correctness. It is already sweeping Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, and the countries of the Eastern bloc. It is at the back of Brexit and Donald Trump."

This isn't far off the mark; Democrats and their progressive allies are using racial politics in a manner that is approaching those of the Nazis, that of demonizing and scapegoating certain racial and ethnic groups. Also, the new wave of abortion laws, starting with the so-called "Reproductive Health Act" in NY that legalize abortion up to delivery, would make Dr. Josef Mengele proud, given the instruments abortionists use in their barbaric acts.

Frozen in. WNY is "warmer" than the Midwest. Our temps are around 0 with windchills of -20something. Near that temp where it doesnt matter if you're using C or F.

Watching a live stream of an Adoration Chapel at A Franciscsn friar is mopping the floor. The divine with the very ordinary 😍

40% off sale!!!!!!!!!!"Mystical City of God" by the Ven. Mary of Agreda qualifies! (I already have it, just recommending it for those who don't....") It's the unabridged version, too!

We got plowed! I may be able to get to my TLM!!!!! (We went to a Novus Ordo Vigil Mass last night; some question as to whether we actually received the Eucharist. Priest does his own innovative wording...

Never made it. Couldn't sleep. (Imagine that.) Went to a different one later on. 😇

YIKES! Past my bedtime! Need to get early for my TLM. It's a Solemn High Mass (usually just a Sung Mass.) How come no one told me it was getting late? 😜

Hozana (a Catholic prayer social network) is having a "Novena for Peace of Mind," where "During nine days, join us in prayers to ease anxiety and worry. Learn to rely on the Lord, our shelter against the storms of life." It runs from Jan 9 to Jan 17, 2019

Join here:

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