“But the reforms of communism are wrong, because they are inspired by the very errors they combat. Communism begins with the liberal and capitalistic error that man is economic, and, instead of correcting it, merely intensifies it until man becomes a robot in a vast economic machine. There is a closer relation between communism and monopolistic capitalism than most minds suspect. They are agreed on the materialistic basis of civilization; they disagree only on who shall control that basis, capitalists or bureaucrats. . . Capitalistic economy is godless; communism makes economics God. It is Divinity itself. Capitalism denies that economics is subject to a higher moral order. Communism says that economics is morality."

+Fulton J. Sheen

Kansas Bishop: Abortion Battle 'Most Important Human Rights Effort of Our Time'

Bomberger also noted that "[f]or the past two decades in New York City, more black babies have been aborted than born alive." 

Other bishops encourage more dialogue on racism


Attended a wonderful 2 hour long Solemn High Mass of Thanksgiving for a newly ordained priest, a member of ICKSP. His first Mass so I stood in line to receive a blessing after the Last Gospel.

The power to stop someone you hate from speaking online can be used to stop speech by someone you love, or your own speech, EFF's Cindy Cohn writes in Wired: wired.com/story/when-limiting-

Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. Pride says "I will argue and debate! My will and ego demands it."

Humility says "Perhaps not now, at this time, with this person. Mortification demands that."

Those who concern themselves more with Heavenly things will understand; those who concern themselves more with Earthly things might not.

(You need to educate yourselves on "The Imitation of Christ." Good book...)

tl;dr "If you think the murder of children for expedient reasons is ok, then don't be too shocked when the same thing happens to others later in life."

If we can accept the murder of children in the womb, why the outrage over 'gun' violence? If the wanton killing of children in the womb is regarded as 'healthcare' or 'rights' or some such excuse, then why the shock over mass murder, the callous treatment of the poor and marginalized, the preference of profit over people? If people are objectified in the womb and considered disposable, the logical conclusion is the objectifying and disposing of people at later stages in life. 'Unwanted,' 'disabled,' 'homeless,' whatever terms are used to disregard the intrinsic humanity of people and to consider them as just things. Life begins at conception, this is taught by science and medicine, so be it a fertilized egg or old person, that's a human!

How to stop a mass shooting?

In the killer's manifesto he specifically states "Attack low security targets." A mass shooter will not be a mass shooter if his victims can defend themselves. Shoot back. It's that simple.

He claims to support the Christchurch killer's manifesto. That killer specifically said he was doing it to encourage more gun control so that the situation would get worse.

What is the response in the media and government to this? More gun control. Make people more defenseless so that they are easy pray to deranged evil individuals.

It may sound harsh, but if you are calling for gun free zones, more gun control, and keeping armed security out of our schools, you have blood on your hands. Stop making good people helpless.

I really dislike touch screens.

They never work like those on the Starships Enterprise-D (or E) or Voyager.

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