Get me off this planet now. And the stupider just keeps on stupiding. Because numbers oppress and maths is racist.

The iPieta app now has "The Liturgical Year" by Dom Gueranger. It is an epic multivolume series of books exploring the title subject. St. Louis Martin read from it nightly to his daughters, all of whom became religious sisters and one a saint. The books also form the core of the notes before every Sunday and liturgical season in the St. Andrew Daily Missal. These notes are doctrinal, historical and liturgical and are eye opening in their revelation of Church history.

"The saint is the person who is so fascinated by the beauty of God and by his perfect truth as to be progressively transformed by it. Because of this beauty and truth, he is ready to renounce every thing, even himself. Love of God is enough for him, experienced in humble service to one's neighbor, especially towards those who cannot give back in return,"
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Quote: "...numerous Catholic experts told CNA that a robot priest would be sacramentally impossible in the Catholic Church, explicitly because they are not humans."

Well, that was quick. As soon as I downloaded the Twitter app to my phone, I uninstalled it. The Bisrdsite seems busier and noisier (and thus ANNOYING) on the phone than it does on desktop.

Yeah, baby, it worked! Now I can perhaps become a lean, mean blogging machine! 😜 🤣

Nice going, BlueHost. Your website is only working completely in Firefox; in Safari all I can access is the Domain Manager, all else hangs.

Just a quickie post to inform you all of some Pro-life news. I was listening to Teresa Tomeo's radio show en route to work this morn, and she had some interesting info on pro-life legislation. I'm at work and am low on mobile data, so I can't lookup more specifics, but there is going to be a livestreamed video tonight (ET US) from a Catholic medical conference in DC. The link is (I think) I don't know the time. Or you can just lookup Teresa Tomeo's "Catholic Connection" show's site; there's a link there. ALSO: the site had an archived video of a recent Congressional hearing on legislation to protect infants who survive an abortionist's butchery.

Death and dying sucks. I hates them. Yesterday we took our JerrieCat to the vet. Her troubles stemmed from a mouth tumor; she'll need to be put to sleep and we are waiting to be ready for the right time to do that. Today, I found out that a longtime online friend of ours, from oir days, passed away. Kidney failure but he battled liver cancer last month. David was big animal lover, guinea pigs especially, but kittehs, too. I just requested his intercessory prayers that it be God's will to take Jerrie in her sleep, at home where she's surrounded by love. I hope he heard and God considers it.

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