Quote: "Our conversation also ran to future needs, such as the creation of “distributed architecture technology” and a decentralized web, in the case that the powers-that-be decide that we shouldn’t have a voice in the public square. As it stands, the people in control of the registry, DNS, can disappear anyone."

@sobercatholic @mikel
Yup. Fr. Z's no techie.

There is so much to say about DNS. Mostly, his fears are unfounded. It's not as easy to be tinkered with as he thinks with the many authorities involved. Even if they started removing "hate" sites, it would be possible to make independent DNS - and people would. This would also make a mess of the internet in general.

The only real attempt at something along these lines has been the Pirate Bay. Several governments have tried to shut it down for years, yet it is still easily accessed.

@George @mikel Perhaps you tell him. You know what you're talking about and maybe can offer suggestions regarding scenarios that address what he's getting at.

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